Riceball (@riceballliu)

Is it Friday yet???

Shane Van Veghel (@v2girl)

@Regrann from @pawproject - Help! There's a poll about declawing on NYNow.org and we need to show the New York legislature we support a ban. Please take a minute to vote. Thanks. Link - . http://nynow.wmht.org/home/
#stopdeclawing #pawproject - #regrann

A i m e e (@aimee.l.nichols)

It was dusk on the evening of March 19 in Manhattan. You laid comfortably in the window of your human's floral arrangement shop, soaking up the last of the day's spring sunshine. I stood shivering outside in the cold, admiring your fuzzy white and grey coat, and long willowy whiskers. The only thing preventing me from scratching behind your ears was a cold dirty window. You looked up at me, and for a brief moment our eyes met... you hesitated... and looked away in disgust. #missedconnection #catproblems #latergram

Mocha S. (@lifeofmocha1)

Dreaming of chicken wings😹 #topmeowdels