Luna (@lunakittykat)

My wonderful friend @puppawthetuxedo asked me to share the first photo I shared on Instagram #myfirstpictureoninstagram and here it is from December 29, 2013. Wow I've always been a daredevil 😈. I've tagged a few of my friends if they would like to share as well πŸ‘‘πŸ˜Έ

Josie (@josietheorangecat)

Still friends (sort of)

Charlotte The 2 Legged Kitty (@charlottethe2leggedkitty)

Some days, I act more like a owl than a cat. Today is one of them. 😸

Tomat Purrington (@tomatthecat)

Addicted to social media but damn I look pretty

Louie Hsu (@heiiolouie)

Horizontal modeling

Jiro-boo Bengal cat 🚹 (@jiro_boo)

Thanks for leaving me with barely any noms 😣 I'll surely starve with only a bowl πŸ˜’ #catshatemondays #mondayblues #iphonephotography

Serena Boleto | Philadelphia (@veggiedayz)

So, Monday... We meet again.