21. Nude.
“Y/N?” Robert said, stopping in front of you as you put your clothes back on at the end of the day.
“Yes?” You hurried to put your bra back on, having trouble with clasping it as you tried to hurry. Even if you spent hours naked in front of people you examined every inch of your body, you still felt nervous and shy and every time wanted to put your clothes back on as quickly as possible.
“You’ve been doing a really good job,” he started.
“Oh, thank you, I mean I just stand there. . .”
“I know, but everyone seem to like you and I was to change your salary, give you a raise I guess.”
“Really? It’s only been weeks.”
“You don’t want it?”
“No, of course I do. Thank you.”
“So $100 an hour is good for you?”
“Yes, thank you so much.” You were done getting dressed and grabbed your purse. “Have a good night.”
“You too.” He said, staring at you. “Your body is beautiful by the way, not need to be nervous.”
You sent him a sweet, polite smile his way. You thought it was weird. He was much. much old than you and just imagining him staring at you naked made you shiver. This on top of Aiden was too much.

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i miss jason. i just kinda want him to come back and love me.

your local tator tot (@larries.colors)

disappointing everyone since '02

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there's been so much rain lately omg. yay💖🌧️

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