Hohenheim le Lumineux (@benenux_)

Yo O Genki desu Ka ? Ce soir reprise du Sport au programme Pecs Avec de l'incliné haut plutôt bien gérer avec une barre à 30kg, 40kg et 60kg on a tenté 80kg Mais pas évident pour le moment ensuite du développé/couché avec les Haltères là c'était une autre histoire une petite déception car je n'ai pas validé les 40kg Dans chaque main 😞😞 Mais ce n'est que partie remise je vais les contrôler. Je pense que je dois apprendre à consommer mon énergie car j'ai tendance à ne pas avoir assez d'endurance, c'est un item que je vais bosser en profondeur avec Mon Coach Fitch.
Demain ce sera certainement Dos/Triceps j'ai hâte d'y être.
Prenez soin de vous et des vôtres.
#Musculation #DepassementDeSoi #Pecs #Motivation #CoatchFitch #Endurance #WorkBoy #WorkItHigher #LeTravailPaie

I A N A R C U D I (@ianarcudi)

ALERT inspirational message by me: Worth to read if you need motivation ❤️
Humans are not eternal.Life is hapenning now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Everybody fall, I fell pretty hard myself in the past few months. Life looks so perfect on certain social media profiles, but it's a cover up, because everybody has their issues to face. I burned out, trying to do everything at once. Eating clean, working out everyday to reach my fitness goal, focusing on my dance/acting career, doing 8 shows a week, trying to have a social life with on top of that all of my personnal issues to face. I lost total motivation, desire, it was like I was empty inside, no emotions, no feelings, panick attacks everyday, mental issues, feeling as if I was not really there in this world. It was terrifying. All of that brought me to the emergency, as I was ignoring the signs my body was giving me since a long time.I took advantage of my time off at home to reevaluate my goals, my dreams, and the "why" I was doing all of that.It took me a while to realise I was now working out for the wrong reasons. I wanted unrealistic results, obsessing way too much, trying to please other people instead of doing it for me. I lost complete desire to work out, wich made me panick even more. Same thing happened with every aspect of my life, dancing became a heavy weight I was dragging along the way. I was lost and scared.Then I asked myself: Why did Ian chose this life in the first place? Because it was the only way I could fully express myself, loving the feeling and chills it gave me to express what my emotions were screaming through the art of movement. I came to the conclusion that I need to start doing things for myself, coming back to my roots, stop comparing myself and remembering the reasons why I chose this life. I believe in the law of attraction, and I will apply it from now on. I'm ready for this new chapter, with Love.Thank you to my family and friends that made this period of my life so much easier, without you I am nothing! To get back up it starts with believing, step by step.I will use a frech quote that inspires me: "On ne peut pas toujours être bon, il faut être bon quand c'est le temps"❤️

Scott Readinger (@zedicus10)

I was told by doctors I would never be able to compete or train my sternum isn't normal... What is normal. I was told I am not good enough.... What is good enough. Never give up on your dreams. Don't let anyone say you can't. You try and try again till you succeed. My sternum may crunch pop and have constant pain but I will never give in! Believe in yourself! #gym💪 #gymrat #gymmotivation #gymfreak #men2die4 #gymfit #gym #gymgear #fitnessjourney #results #exercise #workout#alphamale#awesomeness#modeling#beastmode#homegym#hardcorps#vikings#chestworkout#onefitnessnation#pecs#bodybuilding#muscle#muscles#fitnesslifestyle#selfienation#beards#malemodels#modelcitizenapp

Shia Le Buff (@shia_le_buff)

#chestday #chestworkout 2/3: standing unilateral machine #press . Doing a few sets of these as a #chest finisher will fire your #core up too, just from trying to keep your body straight . Try it out #fitfam , you don't #liftheavy here you tax your #pecs and core on it . Now go #exercise #liftweights #workout #weightlifting #weekendwarrior #doyouevenlift #bodybuilding #powerbodybuilding #fit #fitspo #fitness #fitlife #gym #gymrat #gymlife #gymflow #instafitness #instafit