🌿Kristina (@kristina.bastien)

J & T. "Every since you touched my hand, I knew. Near you, I always must be. Nothing can keep you from me. You are my destiny."

Mery's fifty-one shades (@kindofmery)

Nessun grado di separazione
Nessun tipo di esitazione
Non c’è più nessuna divisione
Tra di noi 🔹

WHITEASSAMANDA🐼⚓️ (@mandiemo_)

U know how I like it baby..

John Herrera (@johnherrera98)

first time using photoshop 😂 (taken with an iPhone 6)

Smile A Day (@smileaday)

"Using my creative voice to spread light and love makes me happy! Capturing authentic and transformative stories of the black and brown experience/narritive in America makes me happy. Working for change and empowering youth makes me happy!" #SmileADay

Leanne | Virtual Assistant (@rdhdgrfx)

It's become more and more apparent how blessed and lucky I am to be able to work from home.

I've had to be on the phone quite a lot during this house buying experience and I don't think I could get this much accomplished had I have a regular 9-5.

Having the luxury of making my own schedule and having a cup of coffee in the afternoon with no interruptions had spoiled me.

📸 @insta_aunty

Dane Gayosa (@dnegayosa)

Birthday Cake. Birthday Cake. (It's the best day of the year, girl)!