Marvin Nathaniel™️ (@marvinathaniel)

Sometimes you should see brightness in the darkness

Verne Ho (@verneho)

Shots don't have to be symmetrical, they just have to look symmetrical. Watch where the lines hit the edges of the frame when trying to create the perception of symmetry. 🌴

The Daily Bren (@the_dailybren)

Off to Milan tomorrow any tips are most welcome. Maybe I'll get to wear these shoes ⚫️🎀⚪️ #latergram #uniqueexperiences #thehappynow

Dope Biscuits | Poetry Pump (@rufus_mufasa)

A little bit of #tynewydd in the house... The pampas grass had to go #toomessy
I dream of blue and white filled dressers
Bits and pieces of ancestors
That guide my earthside responsibilities
Every drum beat on baby
Was passed down
And the very act connects us, all three
Generations, in this moment
Just learning to just be
And boy is it beautiful
Lying here with my very own snowdrop
Showing me they we survived winter ✨✨✨