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The world is still full of magic.
Please don't lose sight of it.
Drone shoot by @iwwm .


stop focusing on dumb shit.
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We know we're far when everything around us are different from what we are used to 🙏🏻
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, Cotabato City 🇵🇭

Shraddha. (@thisismyvibe_)

This what photography does to me. This is what the wanderlusting means. I have many unfolded maps , untrodden paths left to be discovered in untold stories, unseen places, unknown skins. This is what photography does to me. Makes me kind and satisfied. A photo simply exchanged for a smile. I meet strangers, whom I feel synced with. Obviously better than the people who pretend to be connected with me :) This is what photography does to me. It makes me reason out why everytime a heartbreak is a birth from an end. It makes me feel inspired from the same homo sapien lot who had once broken my trust I had invested in them.
This is what photography teaches me- Being kind and good with blooming hopes, flawed smiles, big hearts. Being unreasonable, stubborn and not deterioting my self worth for motherfs* :)

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t a k b i s a m e m b u a t k e p u t u s a n

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"Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere" - Briana Carrion 🍭
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hidup ini hanya kepingan yang berakhir di lautan.

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Karena ombak tak pernah berencana untuk menetap di pantai,ia selalu kembali bergulung ke lautan -

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'Hoi an', Melaka..