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“During the passing of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I was positioned outside the parliament house. I was on the highest scaffolding and it started to rain very heavily. I was so afraid that I would be struck by lightning! I was wet from head to toe, but it was a proud moment for me to be there to capture such an historic event. There was also once that I dropped a camera and cracked the lens during a rehearsal. One of my bosses told me that it would cost $20,000 and I would have to work for free to pay back the company. I was so afraid and broke into tears. He was shocked and immediately reassured me that he was just joking. Actually, the cost of repair would be covered by insurance. That joke was not funny at all!” - Ng Kai Ting, Cameraman (Production Resource) #mediacorp #mediacorplife #mediacorpcampus #mediacorptv #mediacorpstories #peoplegraphy #photography #sgphotography #tv #cameraman #cameramanlife #careers

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Portrait A Day 27th. Bus Driver.

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they sing
so i sing
then we sing
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Portrait A Day 26th. Jerusalem @jerusalem_hailu

From Ethiopia. Came to America six years ago and her brother began to teach her about computers to a point where he had her building her own. Now she works in IT making sure some of the most important financial companies are able to keep up and running.

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