Chaerany❌ (@chaerans)

Tidak perlu menjelaskan kepada siapapun tentang dirimu . Karna yang membencimu tak akan percaya itu dan yang menyukai mu tak butuh itu -ali bin abi thalib

Sandi Fareel (@sandi_fareel)

Sebosan apapun nanti, menunggumu? Aku tak ingin berhenti, dan jika aku berhenti, aku harus berhenti karena dirimu telah ku miliki.

Lexi Tucker (@lexi_the_tucker)

She doesn't like it when I interrupt her reading time #cat #kitty #read #peoplemagazine

From Cuba to Colombia (@fromcubatocolombia)

Allison, 18: "Utila is a great place for its tranquility. Everything is so laid-back and there's nearly no crime here, especially in comparison with the towns at the coast of Honduras. I love to be here to relax and just chill a little."


Throwback to last night, when I was relaxing on the couch with a People magazine, reading about their book picks for the week and watching my newborn sleep- I feel like he hasn't slept since that little nap last night 😂😭😴 #babyhatesnaps #mamaneedssleep #momlife #lifewithanewborn #people #peoplemagazine #bookstagram

savy jean❣️ (@savy.jean)

Be someone's reason to smile 💕 Dress: @oshkoshkids 📸: @jessiepresch

Mia Blebliblú (@miabiosca)

"Si tubiese que presentarme, seria como #republicano. Ellos son el grupo de #votantes más #tonto del #país. Se lo creen todo en #lasnoticias de #FoxNews. Podria #mentir y se lo tragarían todo. Apuesto a que los numeros serían #terroríficos". #donaldtrump #peoplemagazine #1998

mayya (@mayyabor)

Gloomy Sunday afternoon scene: chocolate croissants for breakfast, followed by amazing morning service at our church and now quietly playing UNO cards while Isabella is taking a nap. How are you spending your Sunday? (ps: Alexis's and Alyssa's adorable blouses are from @tuchindadesign )