Linda (@weathervanefarm)

I love seeing all the beautiful fresh fruits and veggies this time of year. Hope everyone takes a moment this weekend to honor the men and woman who have fallen while providing you the freedoms you enjoy. Freedom comes at a great expense to many who give their life for you. We owe them even tho they gave it freely and ask nothing of you. I hear the word hero slung around a bit too much. A basketball player is only a hero if he has risked his life for another. Not because he scored the most points. These men and women who have died protecting this country deserve the title of HERO. #memorialdayweekend #peoplematter #people #hero #military #militarylife #family #memorialday

The Created Co. (@thecreatedco)

"After visiting a coffee farm in Southern Uganda, I fell in love with the coffee process & was inspired to open a coffee shop back home in Costa Mesa. I knew nothing about business or the coffee industry so I worked in multiple coffee shops over the next 4 years until my extremely supportive husband convinced me that I had what it takes to open up a shop of my own. Our community rallied around to support us & we've been blown away ever since with the amount of love our little shop has received from friends, customers & other local shop owners." Ally Garvin of #FeatureFriday

Cecil Fashion Blog (@cecil_fashion_blog)

What do you see in this picture? This is my life, my rock, and my world. Those 3 men mean so much to me that they will ever know. They are by biggest fans and cheerleaders. When I feel down they always find a way to pick me up, when they are down mommy and wifey comes to the rescue.
Every day I kiss them and tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me. Sometimes we tend to get lost in our daily tasks and forget what is really important. Whether I will reach my goals as a blogger it’s not as important as spending quality time with them and appreciating each other.
I feel nowadays everyone seems to focus on work so much that we leave the most important things in our lives on a second plan. We need to make a change now and today, trust me you will be much happier with happy family than anything else you can and will achieve.
Thank you for supporting me everyone, for encouraging me every day, I love you all and have a fabulous FRIDAY!!!

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"Are you waiting for others to do something for you, or are you busy looking for something to do for others? People who look out of themselves and make a difference are looking for ways to sow." Are you putting people's interest at the top of your list of priorities every day? What will you do for someone today? .
#FabFriday #Mindset #Sow #Build #Lead #Leadership #Priorities #People #Inspire #Motivate #Build #CelebrateOthers #NaturalHealth #HolisticHealth #Support #Empower #Encourage #IntentionalLiving #PurposefulLiving #Passion #Equip #PeopleMatter #Wellness #HealthCoach #LifeQuotes #Life #HealthyLiving #ExodusWellness #MapleRidgeBC #VancouverBC

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Happy Friday! As you look forward to the holiday weekend, don't forget to go ahead and purchase BCS casino night tickets; early bird pricing ends Sunday at midnight. Invite your friends, plan a date night, or bring your office crew - it's going to be an incredible evening! Link in bio.

The Golden Rule Boutique (@thegoldenrule_boutique)

Greed is the main cause of poverty. When we take more than our fair share, someone is left with less. #SeyiRhodes

Haitian Creations (@hcartgallery)

Woohoo for cool news! Haitian Creations is going to be offering more than just canvases soon! We will also be selling these amazing metal works of art that Haitian artisans create out of old oil drums. Keep an eye out on our Etsy at the link in our bio! #metalwork #ilovehaiti #madeinhaiti #handmade #newproduct #comingsoon #art #artist #purchasewithapurpose #homedecor #giveback #peoplematter #originalart #haiti #creative #haitiancreations

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Sustainable fabrics for the Eco conscious bride

Sevenly (@sevenly)

Tag a world-changer who would love this hand-etched, limited supply mug! #peoplematter

myla guzman (@mylabguzman)

Invest in people who invest in you. And to those who treat you like a trash? They deserve to be in the garbage not in your life. Be smart. Some people are just so good of using people. 🙌 #lifecoach #besmart #beware #considerthisawarning #peoplematter #caretothosewhodeserveit

Kaylin Winters (@black_barbie_._)

They attack the Ivy League lawyer, author and First Lady who earned the term #AmericasMom because she wore sleeveless dresses and actually got her hand dirty working alongside normal people but Melania, the Russian mail order who can barely speak English (which they attack brown people for), posed nude (with other women which we all know Republicans hate), & helped her husband run a campaign of hate gets a pass? And it's not just Michelle they attack for doing absolutely normal things- it's all Women of Color. We can't do anything right but if a white woman were to do the same thing they did probably declare it art or claim they invented that style & then call it a new trend (when it's been around in the black community for decades). Here's a hint for you #racist idiots- we don't really give a damn, we just like to point out your hypocrisy and laugh at your dumb selves:)
#MichelleObama representationmatters#blackgirlmagicloveyourself#blackwomenmatter#blackisbeautiful#melaninpoppin#dearwhitepeople#melaninonfleek #conservative #liberal #liberals #democrats #donaldtrump has brought the deep #racism of #America to light #economy #educationmatters #equalpay #equality #education #melaniatrump is nothing but a Russian mail order who needed a sugar daddy.

The Peoples Church (@peopleschurchct)

Tonight, it's happening! Invite every teenager you know!

Pedrosa & Rodrigues SA (@pedrosa_rodrigues_sa)

TGIF, right? But before the weekend arrives, our colleague Flávio (pictured here) has a busy day ahead because Friday = shipping day at Pedrosa. He works at our Logistics department, where he makes sure our clients' orders are correctly assorted, packed and labelled so they arrive on time at their destination. He and his team handle an average of 30 different orders per Friday, shipped to countries like the U.K., France, Italy and the U.S.A. #madeinportugal #madeatpedrosa #garmentmanufacturing #fashionsourcing #logistics #shipping #factory #peoplematter #cartons #sustainablefashion