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Back to the grind but there's always time for daydreaming of warmer shores and summer holidays. I love losing myself in @cerealguides with a cup of tea in hand after a morning's work. How do you take your breaks? .
Sending ☕️and 💪🏻to get through the first day of the week! 😘
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****Culture Shock.... Before going out to serve, our volunteers go through a little course called 'passport to mission'.... Remember that CULTURE is present wherever we go out into the world. This video doesn't show the country's of culture, but what the means are for people across the other side of the world. We need to learn about these significant differences. #peoplematter #adventistyouth #adventistvolunteers #serve #people #love

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Back to the routine and I for one am very glad!

The last couple of weeks have made me realise how much I need routine in my life; that with little or no agenda, the hours and days simply slip away without much getting done, leaving me frustrated. Structure motivates me.

So I'm looking forward to getting my head down, clearing the backlog on the to-do list and actually feeling like I've achieved something by the end of today!

Here's to a happy, productive Monday! ☕️☕️☕️

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There is no nicer company and are no nicer people than @izzybeclothing 💜💜💜💜💜. I know exactly what you mean... we have to separate the real from the "insta real". They are not always the same. #Repost @izzybeclothing with @repostapp
You are the most influential person you will talk to all day. ~Zig Ziglar
In this social media world there is so much focus on influencers. This can lead us to believe that we are not enough, especially if someone's following is growing faster than ours or they are getting more likes or comments than us. Although these things may matter according to the Instagram world they really don't matter in the real world. We are not saying social media or Instagram are bad. We have met so many amazing people like all of you through this platform & we are truly grateful for this🙏🏻 We are simply saying, let's try to keep it in perspective. Each one of us has a center of influence around us. This is where we should start. Let's think about who we can influence today when we are out & about. Is there someone that could be helped by our smile or the simple meeting of our eyes with theirs or a word of encouragement? Let's remember to connect in person. Relationships are so important and there are people all around us would could use a simple smile or word to help them to realize that everything is okay. This is the most important influencer we can be❤️ Beautiful @shaylinclaresmith you are one of those people who always makes others feel special!! Thank you for being a great influencer!! We love you so much!!😍
Amazing Photo by @d3sparks
Amazing HMU: @christinaturino
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Clear your calendars for May 6-7! 🕒 We're happy to host author Catrice M. Johnson @catriceology next month to facilitate her two day She Talks We Talk retreat at Broad Space! 👏👏👏 __

The retreat also includes her book "Antagonists, Advocates and Allies: The White Woman's Guide for Becoming Allies with Black Women." Join us from 9am-3pm for an amazing two-day retreat. 📚 You won't want to miss this one!

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I posted this on my story as well, but it's true. I want everyone who sees this to know that 1. I care and do my best to love unconditionally, without judgement and 2. I will listen, not to just reply, but really listen. I don't care if we haven't talked in 5 years, maybe we were friendly but not really friends, or maybe you just stumbled across my page. If you're having a rough day or night and don't know who to talk to or need someone to remind you that you're worthy, loved, and more than enough...I'm always here. That is all, hope everyone has a good night 😌💛 #agapelove #positivity #encouragement #peoplematter

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Our first collection is launching on Tuesday and we couldn't be more excited! Our talented friends @willanhouseco created this video to capture the essence of our mission to inspire people to do life together. Check it out - we'd love to hear what you think!

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Today's Challenge: The beautiful thing about the goodness is each of us is that the more we use, the more is returned to us from others. Goodness never runs out.
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Happy National Take A Chance Day —  go out into the world and take a leap of faith.

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Had a GREAT and motivating day hanging out with the LA @seanwes community crew! Can't wait for our next meet up! @jnnyfamularcano @jjflair @renataplara @getnoboundaries

PORTLAND OREGON (@morehousebarbers)

We set out to create something more than just a place to get your hair cut...mission accomplished #amazingpeople #morehousefamily And Indy scored the sweetest goal ever! #coasttocoast

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Day 20/100 (catching up)

Gone to terrify me
eyerg and
I was the night


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"You can't have a move of God without it upsetting the kingdom of darkness." -Pastor Jim Bolin

Such an incredible night with Pastor Jim Bolin investing in the OPC staff tonight. Thanks Pastor Bolin for coming and speaking into our lives and thanks Pastor David for setting this up! God is about to do something amazing at Oak Park and in our students!


Oak Park Church (@opcmobile)

Tonight, Pastor Jim Bolin spoke and invested into our church staff. He asked us the question "Why do you do what you do?" and reminded us that people matter! Such a great night! #opcmobile #peoplematter

Lu Uhrich 💃🏾Body Image Mentor (@lueatsdotcom)

Do you choose to meet new people?
Do you want to learn what they have to teach you?
I'm a hand-shaking, nice-to-meet-you-hugging, give me your number and I'll text you these photos offering, tell me about your great grand-children asking, front of the Lyft riding (learned this one from @libbycrow ), beside you at the ballet crying and celebrating, you can sit with us declaring, how's the love life inquiring, you're doing an amazing job exclaiming, love note leaving kind of person.
And while I rarely deny my introverted needs for alone time, space and "do not disturb."
I also rarely deny myself the opportunity to meet someone new and learn from them.
... walking each other home. 😉#ramdass
Thankful for a weekend of people meeting and life lesson learning.

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