Greg Hemmings (@greghemmings)

Wise words on the walls of the #peoplemover "without a struggle there can be no struggle"

D.J. Jones (@theworldofdeej)

Among the many reasons why the PeopleMover is my favorite ride, the rare "Space Mountain with the Lights On" version. #Disney #SpaceMountain #PeopleMover #tomorrowland #MagicKingdom

Bridget McAlinden (@mc_bridget)

Happy birthday to my favorite person and ~happiest~ PeopleMover rider of all time! I love you so much even though you're an old man now 👴🏻 Also can we go back to Disney yet? Also also have I mentioned you're old? 😘❤️🐠🙇🏼 #datcurlthough

Motivation • Positivity • Hope (@_paulizmyname)

The idea has to become bigger than you. The concept has to envelope you and speak louder than you ever could. Don't allow your ego and feeling of entitlement cloud the ultimate aim. People are the aim. People matter. When giving value to people and bringing out the best in them is the heart beat of what you do, your message will live on long after you've taken your last breath. Life is to be lived in service to people, and if you want to be successful, people HAVE to be the heart of it all. All it takes is one idea, you are the instrument that can make that happen. #ideasmatter

Benz Thomas (@casedismissed)

Sometimes #trains of the #indianrailways are so long that they seem like snakes making their way through the #Indian countryside. All negatives aside, the Indian Railways are a classic example of #makeinindia and #Resilient Indian spirit. Truly a #Peoplemover for Indians.
#canon550d #blackandwhite

Robb Lanum (@disneylandrobb)

Tomorrowland, 2017

Renee Winterbottom (@reneewinterbottom)

My parking skills are the real deal ... #everest #peoplemover