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Reminder that 1. I'm white. And 2. If you are a PoC and feel that I am speaking over you, I first apologize for that but please let me know if I do so. I understand that with my privilege, I will never really feel oppression in ways that they do. My posts are only trying to spread awareness but please please please don't be afraid to tell me how I can support you guys❤️

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People of Color in #cartoons. Love it. It represents us light brown skin to dark skin (I don't have all the characters) Too many white skinned characters and not enough brown skins. Not that I hate white skin or anything because I don't. Just still wish there were more brown skin characters. ~*Ria*~ #culture #cultureappreciation #culturalappreciation #cultureappropriation #poc #poclivesmatter #peopleofcolor #african #caribbean #hispanic #latinx #latino #latina #blackpeople #nativeamerican #Asian #southasian #southeastasian #middleeastern #polynesian #islander

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These ITOC alumni gave us newbies a warm welcome & provided a space for healing, hope and hunger for making changes within ourselves & our schools. It's hard to explain the awakening I felt of finally being able to find words for what I had been feeling but hiding or avoiding for soooo many years. I met some amazing people... we laughed, cried, shared stories, experiences, called in, danced, joked around, and just where present in each other's presence. After the fucked up year of the piece of shit 'winning' and having a bitch ass administrator, I needed this. I needed the love & passion that was felt the moment I walked in Wednesday morning. Gracias to all who made me feel all kinds of ways- from Chicago, Brooklyn, Coachella, Watts, Everyone from the Bay Area, Texas, L.A, Minnesota, Jersey and all over- y'all gave me life! 👏🏽 #itoc17 #educatorsforracialjustice #peopleofcolor #IamEnough

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Cuban-American designer @narciso_rodriguez' name was put on the fashion map when he designed Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress. He has been awarded by @cfda as best designer for 2004 and 2005. Rodriguez draws on his Latino roots for his designs.
Photo by tes.com
Source: Time.com

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NYC Dyke March, it's a protest not a parade 🌈 queers are also women & trans ppl, & ppl of color-> all deserve a place.
#protest #nycdykemarch #dykemarch #nyc #dykesofinstagram #bryantpark #visability #trans #peopleofcolor

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Guess he forgot or couldn't recall about #science & #FACTS vs govt lies meant to discriminate against #peopleofcolor!!!! Link to article below.

Excerpts: "A review of the scientific literature indicates marijuana is far less addictive than prescription painkillers. A 2016 survey from University of Michigan researchers, published in the The Journal of Pain, found that chronic pain suffers who used cannabis reported a 64 percent drop in opioid use as well as fewer negative side effects and a better quality of life than they experienced under opioids.
Also, unlike the case with opioids, it is virtually impossible to lethally overdose on marijuana—because a user would have to consume massive quantities in a prohibitively short time. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says such a fatal result is very unlikely. Meanwhile, heroin-related overdose deaths have more than quadrupled since 2010." #profblackstoner #stoner #xivgrams #cannabis #lifestyle #podcast

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Сегодня 25 июня Международный день радужного флага 🏳️🌈 (Прайд-флаг).
Флаг символизирует всё ЛГБТКИА+-движение.
Ровно 39 лет назад он был создан для гей-прайда в Сан-Франциско художником и активистом Гилбертом Бейкером, где был и представлен.
Изначально включал в себя 8 цветов (помимо 6 известных, ещё розовый и бирюзовый) (картинка 2). Позже изменился на привычный нам флаг и был в таком виде признан Международной ассоциацией геев и лесбиянок в 1985 году.
В начале июня 2017 года рекламное агентство "Tierney", базирующееся в Филадельфии (США), начало кампанию с призывом добавить в радужный флаг два новых цвета — черный и коричневый. По замыслу авторо_к нового флага, два новых цвета должны символизировать радужных people of color. (Картинка 3).
More color! More pride!
Значения цветов:
Красный - жизнь
Оранжевый - здоровье
Жёлтый - солнечный свет
Зелёный - природа
Синий - гармония
Фиолетовый - духовное начало
Розовый - сексуальность
Бирюзовый - магия
Чёрный и коричневый символизируют разные цвета кожи.
Today is June 25 International Day of the Rainbow Flag 🏳️🌈 (Pride Flag).
The flag symbolizes all LGBTQIA+ movement.
Exactly 39 years ago it was created for the Gay Pride in San Francisco by the artist and activist Gilbert Baker, where he was and is represented.
Initially included 8 colors (besides 6 known, still pink and turquoise) (picture 2). Later changed to the familiar flag and was recognized as such by the International Association of Gay and Lesbians in 1985.
At the beginning of June 2017, the Tierney advertising agency, based in Philadelphia, USA, launched a campaign to add two new colors to the rainbow flag - black and brown. According to the idea of ​​authoring a new flag, two new colors should symbolize rainbow people of color. (Picture 3).
More color! More pride!
Color values:
Red - life
Orange - Health
Yellow - sunlight
Green - nature
Blue - harmony
Violet - the spiritual beginning (spirituality)
Pink - Sexuality
Turquoise - magic
Black and brown symbolize different skin colors.
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Why is this still a thing??

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