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Set of wick trimmer, dipper and snuffer in glossy copper finish - for all candle lovers. The complete candle tool set!
All candles should be maintained after each use for the cleanest, most consistent burn. A quick snip is all it takes! We love this one for its ease of use.

Add the wick dipper... looks so simple, yet that is its brilliance. When you want to extinguish your candles, this ensures no smoke, no splatter, no fuss. Just bend wick into melted wax, then flip back up... and voila!

To this combo we add an elegant bell-style snuffer... the way everyone extinguished candles a century ago. There is something fun and classic about a snuffer.

Arrives as a packaged set. Swing by to our concept store to get one.

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Life reflects what you are, not what you want🎪🤹🏻‍♀️🎡

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Today’s Class Was Real Chill With The Kids they did great!!! Thank you It was fun.. Come Take Class With me tomorrow @keepitmoving_2317 at 8pm 1644 Atlanta Rd
It’s gonna be fun. #dance #flow #peopleoftomorrow #class #routine #hiphop #fitness #neosoul #live #itsmylife #atlanta