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I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I get really excited about new brands and like to read all about them. But the first thing I try to do is find out who is actually behind them. The driving force, the founder, the girl boss. And I’m often more interested in them than I am with the brand. (Sorry, not sorry). Even though I’m not particularly exciting, and just your normal 26-year old London living lady, I’ve noticed that my face has disappeared off my feed recently and thought it was about time to bring that grin and those wonky eyebrows back to you. So in case you didn’t already know, I’m Becca, the founder of HoT. Things have been tough these last few weeks. Time has flown by far too quickly, I’m constantly exhausted and feel so close but so far away from my dreams becoming a reality. Perhaps I’ve expected too much of myself, I’ve worked myself too hard or perhaps I just need a little help. I’ve realised that it’s about time to start delegating, and the thought of employing someone is seriously scary, but I can no longer grow on my own. I read a lot about other women in business, and I really do see successful women as an inspiration. If they can do it, I can do it too. But almost all of them say that they would not have got to where they are now without the team behind them. So I think the new year will be about finally growing the HoT team. Getting us off the ground, and giving me time to focus on actually turning my dreams into a reality. Rather than being swamped with too much I can handle alone. Working most of the week alone can be tiring, draining and lonely. I’m such a people person, and love speaking to and meeting new people and as much as I love my own company, I am starting to drive myself crazy. So this is me, the current one woman House of Three team, that I am hoping to grow pretty soon. It’s so lovely to meet you. And yes I’ve tucked my finger nails out of sight in this photo, because quite frankly they were hideous! I’d spent all morning styling the pool house behind, and chipped nails really would have been an understatement!!

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We love the people we get to work with! And our crew is always growing! Will you be the next to join in on the fun?


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Being with friends is good for my soul. Sometimes as busy mamas It’s hard to make the time for it, but it’s always worth it! I always leave feeling recharged and happy. ❤️
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A few fun ones from this year. Looking forward to lots more fun projects in the new year. If you’ve been thinking about starting something, hit me up. I’m super friendly and personable. 😐 #redthorntattoo #baltimoretattoo #peopleperson #socialbutterfly

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I had a bad moment ... I said a few things, I never meant 💔 #wordshurt#Takebacks#Imsorry#regretfullyyours#PeoplePerson

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One of the may things I love about my job is meeting people, learning about them and hearing their story.⠀

What's your story? How did you get to where you are today?⠀

#WhatsYourStory #People #LifeStory #YourJourney #PeoplePerson #ShareYourStory

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When your customer service skills #A1 and your customer runs all the way home to bring you breakfast burritos 🌯 cuz u said u were hungry #hotsauceandall #breakfastburrito #burrito #customerservice #retaillife #peopleperson 😩🎅🏼🌯🎊🍌🏡🏝️🍼

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My morning was going the way my headphones look in this boomerang.
HA !!!!!! let em know not today, the life we get is too precious and short to major on minor things.
You’re allow to restart your day the next second if you wish to. & DONT GET INVOLVED not with others or even yourselves in your head in none solution oriented conversation.

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Love is still and will always be the strongest force on our planet .
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#curlyhair .
#makeupforever .
#selflove .
#peopleperson 🇯🇲💋🌹

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Experienced servers needed to join our team! for an interview!

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Survived the “first” work day and didn’t have to choke a bitch . Very nice. See I’m coming around to “people” 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ #careerlife #peopleperson #coffeefirsttalklater #tryingtolivelife #mypatiencestillsuprisesme #elevatorselfie #blazerlife

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Magical things happen in my chair!

Im so blessed to meet such amazing people @holistic_health_practitioner you certainly have made my world a better place by becoming a part of it i could have sat and chatted to you ALLLLL day!
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