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We as Americans, reject monarchy and dictatorship in favor of democracy. Today, the nation-state continues to be the stalwart of power, but multinational corporations are quickly dwarfing nation-states, in terms of powerful, influence, money and in some cases, even military might. We spend most of our days working, under business who are top-down decision making bodies; corporate dictatorship. We are subject to the whelps of the unaccountable “stockholders,” the superpacs who protect the real identities of their donors, and corporations who get bailed out, but really we’re bailing out the wealthy investors. But there is no bailout for the hardworking middle class American. We must demand a democratic representation. As such, The union is the extension of our democracy in the work place. An organization of workers who negotiate, plan and coordinate better Working conditions, pay, and more efficient service or product to the customers. Recognize that you get paid, not what your worth, but what you forcefully negotiate. We can no longer sit back as workers and allow people to dictate what we are worth. You have dignity, worth, and many times, the negotiations are more important in allowing us to have a say in our lives. To have some control of our future. As of right now, we don’t have control of educational policy, healthcare policy, not even war and peace. It’s not even our politicians, but a select few, and increasingly, foreign wealthy investors who are cleverly investing and indirectly influencing our politics. Be concerned about your co-workers. #union #unionstrong #peoplepower #democracy #democracyatwork #laborunions #poorpeoplescampaign #woke #sindicatos #unitedwestand #united #photooftheday

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Join us Sunday for our first event in Kerman! Message us ASAP if you or anyone you know will be needing a ride. Our organizers cant wait to meet you all! 🎉🌹🤗 #MPWR#communitypower#peoplepower#studentpower#youthpower#friendlyneighbors

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This was once a dream literally 🙌🏾🙏🏾 anyone who know anything about me know how much I really care about helping people live the lifestyle they deserve & desire. Assisting people who know nothing is possible without their HEALTH mind body & spirit🙌🏾 I'm extremely honored thankful appreciative & grateful to know my purpose & share my passion until my very last day alive on the planet 🌎 HWGDLIFESTYLE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.
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🙋🏼 Hey, this is me working on a 18 pattern piece jacket that will be up for sale soon! Everything Last Layer is designed, pattern made and sampled on the Sunshine Coast. 🌞

Freya Brent (@freyabrent)

Hey friends! Your Super is probably funding climate change, animal cruelty, and old growth logging! 😥 Move your Super out of all these shitty industries by joining @future_super 🌍❤️ (link to the Future Super website is in my bio) .
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Go love on someone a little. Step outside yourself and make someone feel even a little bit better than before they were around you. Kindness and love is key. 🔑 #iamhertribe #girlpower #peoplepower #kindnessrocks

Desi Apriyani Az-Zubair (@desi_apriyani26)

Bârokallâhu fîk :
Media Sosial bukan haram, handphone bukan haram, itu namanya alat. alat itu mubah tapi kalau salah guna bisa jadi haram, sesuai guna halal, ada manfaat.

Karena handphone boleh dapat surga
Karena handphone boleh masuk neraka
faham sedekah jariah? apa itu sedekah jariah?
kalau kita buat satu kebaikan kemudian dia meninggal dunia pahala kebaikan itu terus mengalir

tahukah ada maksiat jariah?
apa itu maksiat jariah?
maksiat kita sudah tonton, kemudian kita bagi lagi, berapa orang sudah tonton mungkin satu juta, atau lebih

kita sudah meninggal dunia?
dapat dosa sampai hari kiamat (terus mengalir)
sudah cukup dosa kita tapi jangan
hantarkan dosa ke orang lain (Syekh Ali Jaber)
Wallahu A'lam
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tag temanmu bro, ramekan komennya #opiquepictures
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Becky Hoeffler (@becky.hoeffler)

Have I told you how much I believe in you? How powerful you are? 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎I truly believe people are the most sustainable form of power on the planet. When I went off to college I told people, “I’ll discover the next fuel source, I’ll invent a better fuel, I promise I’ll replace oil.” I did discover that fuel source, but I didn’t invent it. When I get down, which is often these days with this current administration, I turn to @dukestudents to help me up again. Whenever I meet with my Green Devils, I am rejuvenated inside and out by their enthusiasm, passion, and determination to make the world a better place. They haven’t given up hope, and neither will I, because if we as individuals are collectively causing global problems, then we as individuals can collectively solve them. ❤️ #sustainableliving #hope #community #peoplepower #sustainability #eatlocal #love #earth #laugh