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New event!! Our first art exhibit features #agriculture & #climatechange. June 2 @ Jupiter DIY in the West Bottoms. More info at our fb event: #peoplesclimatekc #peoplesclimate #ProtestArt #climatemarchkc

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Sometimes you just gotta chill.... and enjoy the sunset. 🍸🍹🍸🍹

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Do you know the American people to lobby trimmer is a deep State secret controls the resolution other State shown in the picture her Decree lines and boundaries that can not be overridden #PeoplesClimate #MayDay #Trumpcare #un
#MAGA #Indivisible #TheResistance #SignOfResistance #MayDay2017 #MayDay

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People's Climate March 2017 (swipe for more)
So proud to march with so many amazing dedicated people. 200,000 marched to the White House April 29th for Climate, Jobs and Justice.
-the time for action was yesterday, but start NOW.-
-Science doesn't care if you 'believe'-
-we are called to be stewards of this Earth-
#DC #PeoplesMarch #PeoplesClimate #RespectYourMother #ClimateJustice #Protest #ProtestArt #ClimateMarch

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If Saudi Arabia represents the top of dictatorship and extremism and terrorism in the world, so what do we call an alliance America and Britain with it ? And what the fact that against what is called terrorism in the light of these suspicious relationship ? and is it the fact ?Or a major political intelligence game? Her strategy is not what is advertised ? Political and economic objective to intervene in countries to undermine the sovereignty, security and then
Looting its wealth? and Make them live in chaos does not come out of it ?
#PeoplesClimate #MayDay #Trumpcare #un
#MAGA #Indivisible #TheResistance #SignOfResistance #MayDay2017 #MayDay

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The Grizzly Man's Last Stand by Rick Bass Author, Men's Journal 2017.
Author, Naturalist, and founder of Save the Yellowstone Grizzly, Doug Peacock owes his life to Montana's bears. Now with the feds set to legalize grizzly hunting, he's working to repay his debt — before time runs out. #savetheyellowstonegrizzly #stopthetrophyhunt #dontdelistgrizzlies #stopthedelisting #montanamoment #marchforscience #peoplesclimate #senatortester #senatordaines #secretaryzinke

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"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function." -A.B. #peoplesclimate #sharecg #imagesofcanada #natgeo #whpgoodnight @instagram

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Do you love how you spend your day? During a #serviceyear, you can do what you love every day and gain real-world skills at the same time. Find your paid opportunity to protect the environment at Link in bio. 📸: @americorpsnccc

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#tbt that time I graduated college three years ago with an Environmental & Ecological Engineering degree 🤗 Still trying to help be that change, not as easy as it sounds 🤔

But in honor of it being three years & all that's been going on in the U.S. with the EPA, environment, & climate change - here's a simple way you can make a difference!

What we eat has a huge impact on the environment: Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of deforestation, and one of the top three contributors to greenhouse gases. Simply switching to a vegetarian diet will cut carbon emissions by almost 2/3. It'll also:
-Cut back on CO2 production
-Reduce methane/nitrous oxide production
-Save water
-Lessen pollution of streams/rivers/oceans
-Lessen the destruction of the tropical rainforest and other wildlife habitats
-Diminish the threat against various endangered species
So, if you want a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change from home, try skipping the meat (even a bit more often) and eat more locally grown, plant-based foods - the earth will thank ya for it 🙃🌎 #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #PeoplesClimate #ActOnClimate #ClimateReality