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Fueron semillas mis errores. -Alejandro Jodorowsky

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need a break from everything.

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• Adventure Time •
There are days where it is easier to stick your head in the sand, and get too focused on what challenges you face. But those are the days you have to put in the extra effort to get up, look into the wind and decide that you’re going to turn the challenges into a story of adventure.
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Romeo and Julianto

Ticket: harusnya bayar, tapi kita gratis lewat jalur belakang. Namanya jg anak raja ya punya orang dalem.

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Siempre supe que es mejor... cuando hay que hablar de dos, empezar por uno mismo..! -Shakira - Inevitable. 🎶🎧

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Jangan terlalu dekat nanti kamu gerah. Jangan terlalu jauh nanti kamu kangen. Eaeaeaaaakk... #like4like#like#follow4follow#followforfollow#peoplescreatives

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For real: yesterday I posted a statement that is sometimes (often times) hard to claim for myself. It becomes much easier to strive + work rather than rest + trust. Instead of living out of the fact that God is well-pleased with me, I live from a place of fear that people might reject me if I don't have "it" all together (whatever the heck "it" is, right?). .
BUT the really good news is that the words I posted yesterday are true of us because of Jesus, not because we're exceptionally "good" or have "it" all together. I really do find freedom in that. Because if my identity of being well-pleasing to God is not dependent on me, that means I'm also free to mess up and when I do, his words don't change because the character of Jesus is steady.
I meant what I said when I typed the words "cling to the truth" yesterday. Sometimes, believing true things don't come naturally or easy for me, so I have to be active about it and cling to them like a child clings to the comfort of her mom's leg in a crowded room of strangers. That means listening to things that remind me of the truth and writing those things down. So, that's what I'm up to. And if you're sitting in a place right now that seems impossible to believe that God calls you his child and says he is well-pleased with you just as you are, I get it. I'll say it again, cling to the truth with me today, will you? He will be our peace!!
(Thanks for the sermon recommendation @juliavanderlinde and the journal @julia_allspaw 😘)

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Still swooning over the sweet moments these two shared💕

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Cause there's no who's and who's not.
(3rd model; 01.22.17)

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25 yrs later. Fashion is cyclical y'all. 💫

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仲有三日先放新年假,眼瞓到唔飲啡嘅我都要隊返支啡走提神。 #大啖啲過癮啲 #識歎一定飲維他港式啡走 #通完頂Chur啖先