Rachel ➡️ Shea & Daisy 👦🏻👶🏻 (@gimmesugars)

Her: When she gets hurt she runs to Shea to kiss her and make it better. She can't stand if he's asleep so she screams "Bub" over and over trying to wake him up. She can't stand if he's even in a different room than her, I have so many pictures of her fingers under the bathroom door trying to get to him. No one can make her laugh like Shea can. She follows him around to the point of annoyance. She seeks his approval in everything she does. She's constantly watching him, idolizing him. She kisses him minimum 50 times a day.
Him: He takes care of Daisy in a way I didn't think a child was capable of. The second she cries he's running to her to pick her up and make it better. He sings to her and rubs her back. He has to hold her hand every time we're riding in the car. Daisy will grunt and beg Shea for whatever he's eating, so he gently takes a bite small enough for her, takes it out of his mouth and places it in hers. When I tell Daisy no or correct her in any way (and she cries) Shea tells me - demands me - to say sorry to her (will upload that compilation video soon). For the first year of her life he would try to breast feed her (again I'll upload that video soon). He gets her dressed in the morning, including putting on her shoes. He opens doors for her. Shares with her without me asking. He is so patient and gentle with her. He protects her from the big kids at the park, recently bowing up to an 8 year old at Chick Fil A that knocked her down. He worries about her before himself. He encourages her, always telling her what a great job she did or that he's proud of her. Nothing seems to bother him, from her pulling his hair or breaking his toys, it's like he understands she's a baby and gives her grace. He is beyond any hope I had for being a big brother. He is more thoughtful and mindful than most adults I know. He is an old and gentle soul and is so so good to her.

Pocketpig Diary (@pocketpigdiary)

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Marty, Lucee & Oliver (@the.vanderheijdes)

Fridays with my baby, ok toddler, are my favourite! 💙

k r i s t i n a (@kristinacheban_)

This little one is always sleeping😴💙

Karla Morais (@karlasmorais)

Completamente apaixonada por você ♥️

Chelsea F. (@brinleyvalentina)

May you always have a shell in your hand and sand in your toes 🐚🌊
BRINLEY01 @kates.couture.designs

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Christine Alexander (@olive_and_rosie)

L'shanah tovah umetukah! ❤️ wishing you all a sweet new year! 🐝😘💕

Trizzy (@tristanshawnbarker)

Unless you're my mama, daddy, my lola, lolo, my grandma, grandpa or someone in my family or my BFF's Mercy and Saphira, or my mom's mommy group friends or my teachers and friends at daycare, then please do NOT touch the hair 🤚🏽🦁😛