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Esta é para todos os fáceis que se vendem por um biscoito.

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Astrid says run don’t walk to the weekend.... Run!!!! 🐕🐕🐕🐕

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Belly rubs and my brother ❤️

Mittens & Friends (@mittieskitties)

Meet little Popper/“Poppy.” Ma hasn’t had a lot of time with school to do mass feral trappings for her TNR, so she’s been doing a few at a time whenever she can. This little girl happened to be hanging out when Ma was trapping the other night, so she was TNR’d & released today! The sad thing is that she had a mom but was the only surviving kitten of her litter and actually was determined to be 6 months old, despite looking like and having the weight of a 3 month old. Due to malnutrition, her growth has been stunted, and due to being outdoors, she hasn’t been able to grow up with siblings either. Mind you, this colony has about 100+ cats on Ma’s university campus, but she’s the only one who’s doing anything about it (and it’s taking time as a result). About 14 have been TNR’d from this site after today, but there’s a lot more to go. This is why it’s sooo important to make sure you spay and neuter your pets. These ferals descended from a pet at one point and if yours are unaltered, you’re contributing to the problem too. We can fix this, we just need to work together and choose to spay/neuter so that we can prevent this from happening to future generations and growing into a bigger problem. Look at this little face! Don’t let her down!