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Max and Lola had the best time at the beach!

Rural Snapshots (@rural_snapshots)

Well the snow is nearly gone but so to is my ickyness. Sorry for the quiet the past few days but have been suffering a little bit.

But am getting back to being fighting fit again now so will be posting more snaps this week. For now here is one of my kippy dog shortly after rolling in snow #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #pawfect #doglovers #cutedog #snow17 #snowuk #northwales #petphotography #petphotographers #heinz57 #crossbreed #mongrel #terriersofinstagram #terriers

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Check out @rhianwhitephotography my new profile where I show all my work and not just the girls. Of course they still feature, it wouldn't be there same without them. Please follow me there too! 😊 #dogphotographer #professionalpetphotographer #dogphotoshoots #dogimages #dogsareforlife #dogsarethebest #topdogmodel

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Happy Hanukkah to all our followers, fans, family, clients & friends! ⠀
We wish you a bright and happy holiday from our home to yours⠀
From all of us at Paws & Tails Pet Photography⠀

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Meet Kanika, a PR and media professional who took up pet photography given her love for both, photography and dogs! Based out of Bangalore, Kanika loves that her hobby allows her to de-stress, meet new people, new puppies and see new places!

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Didn’t I just host a New Year’s Eve get-together?! This life is flying by 🤭 We’re booking signature holiday sessions for Happy New Year 2018! cards. But there are only 7 sessions left. Book before November 25th for you, your family or your 4-legged friends 🐶 Link in bio.

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Getting ready to board my flight back to London. As I bask in my last few moments of Pacific coast sun, I am reflecting on the whirlwind week that I’ve just completed. Although the margaritas and tacos were delightful, the highlight by far has to be the ‘why’ conversations I had with no-less than 29 amazing, inspiring #petpreneurs in the last 7 days. #dogtrainers #petphotographers #petinfluencers #dogwalkers #groomers and even a delightful lady who is technically a competitor (all the more reason for us to be friends and collaborators). I looooove listening to people dump their brains out - jumbled masses of big ideas and passionate beliefs and frustrations and glory and genius and fear. As I told one of them, my job is to listen and turn all that mess into a clear, compelling bit of communication. A brand statement. A plan. A product strategy. An origin story. Something actionable and shareable - that missing link between what you’re thinking and feeling and your ability to clearly explain it in less than 5 seconds in a way that excited people. A way that invites them to say things like “wow that’s amazing, tell me more!” — this is the epitome of the work I’m most qualified to do and it lights my heart and mind on fire. Not only am I headed home feeling grateful to have the freedom and privilege to do what I do — but I’m also so outrageously inspired by the souls who have shared their innermost thoughts with me... I can tell you, if these ambitious, powerful, compassionate people accomplish just 5% of what they dream of - the world is definitely going to be ok after all. Thank you for filling me with hope and pride. Thank you for being you and creating the change you’d like to see. You amaze me. xx -Nic

Summerana - Photoshop Actions (@summeranactions)

Before and after shared with permission from our 'Summerana's Photography Tribe' group! <3 I am just loving all of the amazing posts being shared there! "I edited this one mostly with actions, because let's face it, actions save time. I do love to hand edit, but there are a few actions I find myself coming back to, time and time again.
Summerana Actions used: Quick base workflow. Soft Spot light. Sunflare. Velvet vignette. Add depth. I sharpened and cloned a bit, plus edited in ACR for brightening eyes and reducing highlights. Oh and I had to bring in a bit of her nose from another photo, because there was grass in the way!" -
Edited using the Everyday Essentials Workflow Photoshop Actions Collection (link in profile)

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I took a trip with this dear friend to NY a few weeks back. She had this idea that we needed to have our portraits done. Special thanks to @kristen_vallejo_photography and @faceandbodyparticles for making me feel glamorous. @poppybluedogs you are an amazing person who has impacted my life in so many ways. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and friendship. ❤️. #friendswholaugh #petphotographers #dogphotography #chicagophotographer #sanfranciscophotographer

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Off on a wee photography adventure in Palmerston nth with @kellywolfenz - hopefully we won’t get blown out of the sky on our way to see some dogs & take some photos! #nzpetphotographer #petphotographers