Mariana And Rajah (@modzandraj)

Day 2: PINK 🎆 #springintoplants
Good morning from Charlize Theron. She is a bromeliad and my Valentine’s Day present from Rajah this year. He got her because of her dramatic pink flower and dusty leaves. She was the only different one in a sea of cookie cutter bromeliads at the store. We just HAD to have her. Along with us watching the sunrise is a picture of when we first got her compared to now. Look at all her little flowers!! 💖
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Char Raftery (@charlraf_sw)

My ultimate weakness is.... dominos and not just the pizza! I don’t want to share a medium pizza and I don’t want to have reduced mayo with it.. I want the full works, pizza, chicken, goujans, garlic bread and lashings of garlic sauce!! Day 21 of the #swphotochallengemarch is all about our #ultimateweakness and this is it! We don’t have many dominos but when we do, I want what I want and that’s the great thing about @slimmingworld it’s a lifestyle so you can still have your favourite things ❤️🍕 #slimmingworld #photochallenge