Agency Creative (@agencycreative)

Behind the wings at @millionairdallas! Another successful photoshoot for the books.

Denis Duchesne (@denisphotography)

It was a real pleasure to work with @audreerivet today; so much fun. Audree is only 16, and has a great personality: she is funny, enthusiastic, overflowing with energy. The pictures I took of her
were all under natural light, which says how much Audree is photogenic. #naturallightphotography #photoshoot ##nofilter #naturalbeauty #bravogreatphoto #nikonphotography #gatineaupark #mackenziekingestate

Dave Tong (@davetongphoto)

Another shot that I did for @Ordemy.O.A.P - If you're interested in a career in dentistry check them out at #ordemy #training #dentistry #orthodontics #BayAreaPhotographer #BayAreaPhotographers #Photoshoot #DMtoShoot

Curet Performance Project (@curet_p_project)

In an attempt to have some agency in my life, I practice using the systems of the body as a way to approach the way I move and how I go about the world. For example, when I go out dancing I imagine I am moving from my organs. When Iā€™m depressed, I imagine I am moving with my blood. When Iā€™m alone or walking through town with my girlfriend I move with my muscle, so that it appears I can defend us if needed. When I need to keep going or slow down, breath. When I need to find balance, bones. When I want to claim my space, reproductive. I enjoy and welcome the many complexities and variations of this practice. Each day I can call upon a different combination of systems to get me through. I depend on these systems to support me structurally and functionally because unlike most other systems that I confront, this one has me at the center.
Company Dancer - Ann-Marie Gover

RachelšŸŒ» (@rachelpr.probably)

Lol I even screwed up my favourite of my grad photos with a black thing on my arm šŸ˜¬
#photoshoot #forrest #graduation #gradphotos