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С добрым субботним утром!
Photo by Nikita Kulesh @kulesh_nikita

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Katy Patterson (@kpcatharsis)

I remember feeling so happy as I watched children chase pigeons all around Venice. They were running around, laughing hysterically, staring in wonder, and curious to their core--their innocent beauty so obvious. I couldn't help but wonder "where does that innocence go?" As a 24 year old woman I wanted nothing more than to chase the pigeons around with them. My inner child tugged at my feet. So I lured a pigeon to land on my arm and it was the highlight of my day. It's the simple things. Listen to your inner child--they're really onto something. ✨

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Marci (@szuli80)

Pigeons swarming 🕊️

Lisa Ikerd Carradine (@artsy.lisa)

I have just had a person ask about my ceramic pigeon pieces. I have made pieces involving pigeons and the environment for about six years. This photo is of a pigeon wearing a helmet and feathers scattered all around it. It is titled 'Sudden Impact'. I made it while in Ben Jackel's intermediate handbuilding class at CSULB a couple of years ago. #pigeons #pigeonart #claypigeons #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #ceramicart #helmetsafety

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