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Did you know that $4 from each limited-edition Hand Relief sold supports #crueltyfree research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation? You can awaken your senses AND support a positive cause. Visit the link in our bio to learn more. #giveaveda #smellslikeaveda #pinkribbon25 #Aveda #AvedaPh

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Our @breast_cancer_care carol concert tonight at st Paul's cathedral starring Joely Richardson and Jemma Redgrave 🙌 🎄🎀#carols #stpaulscatherdral #christmas #pinkribbon25

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The very gorgeous @elizabethhurley1
In our pink feather saree gown repost via @instarepost20 from @elizabethhurley1
Honoured to be in beautiful Paris to receive a donation to @bcrfcure @bcacampaign. Thank you #SudhaReddy for your amazing generosity #pinkribbon25 #ambassador @artisurendranath❤️❤️ @falgunishanepeacockindia 💗💗💗💗💗 #instarepost20

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Honoured to be in beautiful Paris to receive a donation to @bcrfcure @bcacampaign. Thank you #SudhaReddy for your amazing generosity #pinkribbon25 #ambassador @artisurendranath @falgunishanepeacockindia 💗💗💗💗💗

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It’s time to end breast cancer. Inspired by this image? Click it to donate directly to the world’s most promising research through @bcrfcure. #PinkRibbon25 #Research

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Supporting 25 years of Estée Lauder's Breast Cancer Campaign. #PinkRibbon25 #throwback #tatlermagazine #tatlermalaysia

The Breast Cancer Campaign (@bcacampaign)

Give the gift of hope. Our @bcrfcure funded research supports many important areas - from tumor biology to metastasis 💕 #PinkRibbon25 #research #hope

The Breast Cancer Campaign (@bcacampaign)

Touches of pink during the holidays remind us of all those impacted by breast cancer. Click to donate now. #PinkRibbon25

The Breast Cancer Campaign (@bcacampaign)

Yesterday, @esteelaudercompanies was honored with the Corporate Social Responsibility award by @wwd at the #beautyincawards for its Breast Cancer Campaign efforts 💕 #PinkRibbon25 #thankyou

The Breast Cancer Campaign (@bcacampaign)

A $25 donation funds a half-hour. Help continue to support life-saving medical research this holiday season through @bcrfcure ❤️#PinkRibbon25

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respect by: @shophudabeauty Have you bought your Christmas tree yet? If not, you don’t need to - just put one in your hair!🌲Tag a friend who would go out in public like this 😂😂 @sararevuelta
PRESS PLAY!! Hey guys, I just put my Christmas tree. Did you put yours? This year, say no to felling trees 😂🌲

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Estée Lauder Photo Award (@esteelauderpinkribbonphoto)

📷 Thomas Corbel, finaliste 2017 @esteelauderpinkribbonphoto : « Voici mes amis. Ils sont ensemble depuis dix ans, une sorte de toujours.
Il y a quelques années, il s'est abîmé, et une cicatrice lui parcourt l'avant-bras. Il y a quelques mois, elle a été diagnostiquée d'un cancer du sein. Aujourd'hui, une cicatrice parcourt sa poitrine.
Je les ai photographiés chez eux, avec comme seule consigne de superposer ces deux cicatrices. Ces cicatrices sont des témoignages de durs combats mais aussi, surtout, d'amour et de solidarité devant ce que le sort veut bien décider. 
Ces épreuves qu'ils surmontent ensemble les rendent toujours plus forts et plus unis. »
«Here are my friends. They’ve been together for ten years, a kind of forever.
A few years ago, he injured himself, and a scar marks his forearm. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now a scar marks her chest.
I photographed them at their place, their only instruction being to superpose these two scars. These scars are the evidence of tough battles, but also and, most of all, of love and solidarity in the face of what fate will throw their way.
These ordeals that they overcome together make them always stronger and more united.»
#photography #cancer #cancerdusein #award #EstéeLauder #PinkRibbon #photocontest #portrait #fightcancer #rubanrose #bcastrength #rubanrose25 #pinkribbon25

Estée Lauder Photo Award (@esteelauderpinkribbonphoto)

Prix du Public @lachaineteva / @esteelauderpinkribbonphoto
2017 ➡️ 📷 Guillaume Phan : « La musique met des mots à nos maux.
La musique est le lien qui rattache Vanessa à son père. Ils partagent la même passion.
Nous avons réalisé cette photographie dans un château abandonné. Je suis photographe d'exploration urbaine. Vanessa était en traitement chimiothérapique lors de cette exploration. Ce fut une infiltration périlleuse pour pénétrer à l'intérieur mais une satisfaction joyeuse pour Vanessa une fois entrée.
Nous avons commencé à explorer ces grandes pièces et la beauté de chaque espace. Puis il y avait ce piano silencieux dans la véranda, où de quelques touches faiblardes sortait un son désaccordé. Nous nous y sommes attardés un bon moment car l'ambiance qui s’en dégageait créait une émotion particulière.
Ce fut une superbe expérience pour nous deux. Vanessa découvrait l'exploration urbaine et s'est improvisée modèle le temps d'une visite illégale, remplie d'adrénaline.
Je découvrais la mise en scène avec un modèle. »
“Music puts words to our ills.
Music is the link connecting Vanessa to her father. They share the same passion.
We took this photo in a deserted château. I’m an urban exploration photographer. Vanessa was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the time of this exploration. It was a dangerous task to get inside but a joyful satisfaction for Vanessa once there.
We began to explore the large rooms and the beauty of each space. Then there was this silent piano on the verandah, where a few feeble keys emitted an out-of-tune sound. We lingered here for a long while because the atmosphere exuded a special emotion. It was a superb experience for both of us. Vanessa discovered urban exploration and acted as a model during an illegal visit, filled with adrenaline. I discovered mise-en-scène with a model.”
#photography #cancer #cancerdusein #award #EstéeLauder #PinkRibbon #photocontest #portrait #fightcancer #rubanrose #bcastrength #rubanrose25 #pinkribbon25 #urbex