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I realized I never post my #variegatedbanana #musaaeae in a proper way, simply because they’re quite big and heavy 🤣🤣🤣 so happy Monday to you and tell me it’s not a dream to have white banana one day 😘 (don’t need white Christmas no, lol!)

Desiree (@plantsforpots)

Light is much better at this time of the year in the bedroom with the black dresser!!

MlleFoxglove (@mllefoxglove)

Every morning it is a delight to wake up to this proud spider plant arching over my dresser, my prayer plant starting to tilt its leaves from a night of whispering to the skies, and new pale green fronds unfurling in my maidenhair.
Here is my spider plant / chlorophytum comosum, violet / viola, and jade succulent / crassula ovata 🕷️(thank you dear @rlods for the photo)



〰️♦️Not Emily♦️〰️ (@enemycannon)

Finished my indoor set up this winter for my succulents and cacti.
I only have 1 light for now, but will be getting another 22" Sunblaster LED. I used a 5ft Mulig shelf from IKEA and its perfect for plants as the shelf has holes, so there's decent air flow.
Plants have helped me deal with a lot and of my health issues over the past few years. It takes your mind of things and allows you to focus on something positive. Its rewarding to see your plants grow, along with your collection. Plants make people happy, trust me. Go buy yourself a plant and see.
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Microcosm (

I love all the people I meet in my workshops💛 my last Plant Parenthood for 2017 happened on Saturday and this pic was taken by the super cool @_jojo_cav of her new extra long chain of hearts baby💙2018 dates will be up soon🌈🌻

👑 THE FLORA KING 👑 (@thefloraking)

#echeveriadiffractens or #shatteringecheveria is a perennial succulent, forming star-shaped rosettes. Native to Mexico, these are usually solitary plants, but older specimens may begin to cluster. In late spring, long flower stems produce delicate pale-orange flowers, which hummingbirds love. The genus #echeveria is named after Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy. Echeveria are members of the #crassula family, with about 180 species. Plant in full sun to part shade in well-draining soils. Hardy to zone 9 or 25ºF / -5ºC.

Mildred Rodman (@growingideasgardens)

African violet leaves are super easy to grow into a new plant. They 💚 my Coir Soil.

Mildred Rodman (@growingideasgardens)

This the second winter under lights inside for this geranium. It takes time and energy to switch out its leaves to adjust to the plant lights but it will start blooming again. The longer I can keep it year in and year out, the more interesting the stems will get.

Mildred Rodman (@growingideasgardens)

Give begonias a chance! They look pretty ugly when they take time to adjust to big changes. They will put out all new leaves from the tubers and love indoor plant lights. Cut off the old ugly leaves when you get enough new ones. These plants were almost killed in a big box store. Be prepared to water begonias a lot!