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What’s your favorite fruit? 😢 I can’t choose. I think apples 🍏 only because I eat them often.

Zensability (@zensability)

Fall colors 🍁🍂in our son’s first favorite succulent: Kalanchoe tomentosa ‘Chocolate Soldier’ .
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⚡️NEW PRODUCTS ⚡️ Get the extra headroom with a High Ceiling Grow Tent! 3 sizes available, all with a height of 240cm. Designed for intense lights such as 1000W Gavita 🔎 - 'BAY6 2.4' on

Vegan Mom - Nicole (@veganmomlifestyle)

[TODAY IS THE DAY] - 881 of you have signed up! I’ll be taking down the signup page soon! See you guys tonight!
I love helping but I can’t always help everyone individually so what? You get a free training, free training for everyone just call me the Vegan Oprah. All you have to do is tap the link in my bio and sign up. Training details will be sent to your inbox. The training will be November 21st at 9pm Est. [Tag a friend and both of you tap the link in my bio]

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Balance. Perfect bun with imperfect monstera leaf. Plants can teach us a lot. We can still flourish with some tear and wear. We just drop necessary dead leaves and repair what we can repair. Thanks for sharing 💚 📸 @lovelife91387 🌱✨ #BlackGirlsWithGardens #BGWG

Nina Kastrup Steffensen (@nina_kastrup)

Et lille smugkig indenfor i min spisestue på sådan en efterårsaften🍁 Er efterhånden ved at have fået samlet noget pænt antalgrønne planter, men der er altid plads til flere😍 Tak til @iamskoglund og @blingbella for nye smukke urtepotter, som pynter så fint❤️ God aften der ude, håber i har husket at stemme! Ellersksn det nåes endnu👌🏻 #livingroom #interior #plantlover #hyggestemning #efteråriaarhus #indretning #valgnat #huskatstemme


roses may say “i love you”, the cactus says “fuck off”. I am so cactus. 🌵

ÇiçeklereFısıldayanKadın (@melteminbahcedusleri)

The #irisine seedlings that you saw last week in this bottle rooted.
I planted them today. I think they are fine.
You can see them in my insta story.
Now it 's begonia's turn. 👍
#Goodnight 🌺🍀🌿
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