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How I found Momo last night 😂 almost didn't see him cause he was blending into the brown blanket

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Dix: Halt! Who goes there? What was that? Monday yur say. Nope. Yur not on the list this week, so yur can sod orf!! 💛 Happy #catmicdropmonday again, as always specially fur our sweet furfriends @sternensammlerin and @atlasmeowed. And also #boycottmondays for our buddies @meili_and_qiaoli

Monday: Well yur gonna miss yur #meowgamonday class again.
Dix: Well in that case ok. Just fur today mind! 💛 Thanks gorgeous Bobby @bobbypwdi_cat, fabulous floofy Beryl @whiteberyl and cute Calvin @julesbeatle thank yur for encouraging us on the path of omniscience and enlightened consciousness! Hmm.....really! And there's us thinking it was a sure fire way of nabbing a double serving of bacon fur brunch 😹 Nameowste 🕉️ and may yur bacon portions furrever be vast and plentiful my lovely furriends 💕 Still giggling about those prom pics 😂 go and have a looky at our Phoebes trip of a lifetime with her gorgeous Destry @julesbeatle if you haven't seen them already furriends. They were brill! 👏👏👏. .
My beautiful furry friend Beryl @whiteberyl told me about a couple of new furriends of her who are having their birthdays today @lizzie_calico_cat is 7th today 💐 #lizziels7 and @mylovelybirmans are having their 1st birthday too 💐 #kiraandkrümelsfirstbirthday. Bestest wishes my lovelies, and any furriend of Beryls is a furriend of ours 💕🎉🎶🎁
And as it's #chewsday somewhere in the world, this is #thatfaceyoumake for our lovely furry friends @sweetpawsnfeet when yur know yur should be exercising harder, but can't muster the energy cos youz had one heck of a weekend, and yur still wearing that secret smile which gives it away! 😸
And finally, thank goodness fur that I hear you shout, I'ze gonna stretch right into a Happy #tabbytuesday fur our fab furriends @godric_and_jojo_show 💛💛 Nighty night and toodles from Dix 💛
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Хорошо лежим)

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We call it the 'double Monday meh' 😞😅