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My inner Olivia is soo happy and excited right now! El primer libro de Tarryn Fisher traducido al español y yo no puedo con tanta emoción!! 🖤 @tarrynfisher #myidol #thequeen #pln4life

Rae (@raehas)

Bad day? Get a tribe like mine. @goldie2528 They give the best books on your worst days. #pln4life #athiestwhokneelandpray #tarrynfisher #bestfriend #booknerd #personallibrary #typeonemom

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Catat apa yang anda Kerjakan
Kerjakan apa yang anda Catat -PLN abdi masyarakat
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@tarrynfisher thank you for writing this book! Saddest happy love story ever. I know you sacrificed a lot to get us Yara and David's story and it was perfection. #pln4life

Faro Editorial (@faroeditorial)

Vou continuar a lembrá-los. Eu irrito muitas pessoas apenas por ser eu mesma. Eu SOU um personagem feminino forte. Tenho um caráter feminino forte. Eu escrevo personagens femininas fortes. Não tenho vergonha disso. Não fazem mal. Gentis, mas fortes. Não se diminua para caber na rotina de outras pessoas - Tarryn Fisher

Se você ainda não conhece a autora @tarrynfisher e suas personagens reais, tá esperando o quê? Leia!!! #fucklove #amorementiras #aoportunista #aperversa #oimpostor #faroeditorial #lancacamento #leia #autoras #pln4life #tarrynfisher


I'm going to keep reminding you. I anger a lot of people just by being myself. I am a strong female character. I have strong female character. I write strong female characters. I am not ashamed of this. Do no harm. Gentle but strong. Don't shrink to fit someone else's agenda. #female #artistsoninstagram #wordsofwisdom #womenempowerment

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There's so much I loved about this book, but I think this spoke to me more than anything else. @tarrynfisher has done it again. 💙 #awkap #atheistswhokneelandpray #tarrynfisher #pln4life

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Another cover from "Yara's Yesterday" playlist as requested by a bunch of bossy ass PLNs. Atheists Who Kneel and Pray by @tarrynfisher READ IT👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Yara and David vibes all dayyyyyyy. Full song linked up in my bio👆🏻 #atheistswhokneelandpray #tarrynfisher #AWKAP #letsgotochurchagain😏 #pln4life #music

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Muito muito muito amor pelo pacotinho que estava me esperando hoje. @andreajocys não tenho palavras para agradecer o carinho comigo, e nunca terei palavras para agradecer a @faroeditorial por ter apostado na publicação dos livros da @tarrynfisher aqui no país. Sempre inovando e apostando em livros que fogem das fórmulas e em autores autênticos. Além disso, sempre entregado aos leitores um produto de altíssima qualidade. Não sou de jogar elogios ao evento, por isso quando digo que o material impresso da Faro é de encher os olhos dos leitores é porque é de encher os olhos mesmo. Parabéns por mais esse lançamento. O livro está lindo! Não vejo a hora de reler essa história e rever Helena e Kit! {Algumas vezes, o seu pior inimigo será você. Outras, alguém para quem você abriu o coração.} #tarrynfisherbooks #faroeditorial #loucoamor #f*cklove #fucklove #kitandhelena #pln4life

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As much as I love the books @colleenhoover writes, I love her Goodreads reviews even more. #athiestswhokneelandpray @tarrynfisher #bestauthors #pln4life

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This shirt is definitely Tarryn approved! We loved seeing our fellow PLN's pictures of them wearing the shirt for the PLN retreat last month! Who else was there? Tag us in your pictures we'd love to make a collage!⠀
We are working hard to hopefully make it out to one of the retreats soon! 💁🏼💁🏻
.⠀ #Handmade #MadeByHand #CreatedByHand #InspiredByLife #Typography #Lettering #Handlettering #Typespire #Etsy #EtsySeller #SmallBiz #TarrynFisher #PLNRetreat #PLN4Life #BitchesWhatevered

Leila Pullen (@harley1323)

Everything about Tarryn Fisher as both an author and a person inspires me. She has a way about her, an aura, she's a true artist in every sense of the word.
Reading her books you find familiarity with the characters they resonate with you on a deep and personal level.
Why, because she writes with her heart and soul, with every journey she takes as an author, we feel it and embrace it as a reader. To see a rare glimpse of ourselves, a trait, a similarity she shows us fear, vulnerability, confusion, flaws, that some of us are socially awkward and introvert where others can be extroverts. She shows you that you can be brave, embrace love even through adversity and loss.
It's all there intricately woven, kneaded within her writing, within her pages, what she shares is raw, real and emotional.
She manages to show you true beauty even in the most ugliest of circumstances, to live, to learn, to really see, to forgive but most of all to love and to be loved.
I savoured reading Atheists who kneel and Pray, embraced it in its entirety.
I knew it was going to be epic and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't know I needed this book, not really, not until now. I mean this title alone, then the most beautiful and magnificent cover I've ever seen.
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, whereas Tarryn wears it in her writing, she comes in like a hurricane tearing down walls, leaving an earthquake in her wake, and yet you adore her for it.
She gives you something different every time, you think you know the journey she's taking you on, but you don't and that's what makes so many of us feel so passionately about her writing.
This book had my heart racing, there were moments my stomach plummeted and my heckles rose. I cried for Yara and David and I cried for myself, this journey had me going through so many emotions, I was at times afraid to continue but at the same time desperate to finish. Like TO and MV AWKAP was a game changer for me, thank you @tarrynfisher 💖💖💖 #pln4life #AWKAP