Nicole Crews (May) (@nic_crews_)

Daydreaming about going back to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been ❤️🍂

Rohena Khan (@rorointhehouse)

Thank you @shunpikearts for ACES, and for giving me this platform to share my work. To those of you who were there for my artist talk, I loved sharing with you my roots, inspirations, works in progress and I really enjoyed answering all the questions you had. Thank you @seaofficeofarts for the SmartVentures mini grant, and for making me a part of the review process. Those of you on the grant review committee who chose me to receive funding, thank you! Also big thanks to all my fellow artists, friends and coworkers for the overwhelming amount of love, support and words of encouragement. ACES was a powerful experience with this beautiful community of artists of color coming together. My heart is warm from being around such strength, resilience, talent and humbleness.
Yesterday, right at the end of the show, I had the opportunity to walk through my paintings and process with one of my personal heroes, Nichole Dement. One of many truly special moments from this weekend.
Also thank you @remelisacullitan for this pic and so many others 💗
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fluna60 (@fluna60)

You’ll find this mural on the corner of NE 42nd & NE Halsey. I noticed it as I pulled into the parking lot at Trader Joe’s.

keshia jenkinson (@thejenkinsonpack)

Yep, this is a thing that is happening.

Awake the Soul (@awakethesoul)

Camp Fire and friends!
Photo by @zmelhus

Lettuce Love Farm (@lettucelovefarm)

Rise and shine, early birds! We’ll be at the @mercerislandfarmersmarket all day today, and in addition to our usual spread of sustainably produced veggies, eggs, and microgreens, today we’re bringing a special holiday treat! Handmade feather earrings! I used authentic feathers from our own heritage breed birds, including (but not limited to!) buff Orpington chickens, Narragansett turkeys, and the occasional pheasant who found its way into our farm. Each pair is unique and make a great gift for your feather-loving friends! Come on by and say hi! 🐓🦃🕊️ #snoqualmievalley #mercerisland #mercerislandfarmersmarket #feathers #featherearrings #crafts #crafting #pnw #farmlife #wastenot #seattle #etsy #thanksgiving #dresslikeyourealreadyfamous #unique #creative #fashion #veggies #organic #eggs #microgreens #farmfresh