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I went to sleep, knowing everything.
I woke up, forgetting everything. .

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It Won’t Be Boring
In the rain I found your story
What's your name just write it for me
You stand so tall against storms we-
Stand all amazed
Talked in a cafe together
You make love sound like the weather
Your heart is light as a feather
You've got me crazed
You pressed hold on all our plans
You said just wait darling this isn't the end
You know I don't trust too much
But with you darling, who's to judge?
You held the world in your hands
But you let go and lived again
I guess you could say maybe
You gave your all
You walked into my life when I
Lost the way, you were my light
And I'm still wondering how you
Took down my walls
*2nd Verse*
You're the sunshine in the morning
You laugh at my jokes still corny
The world is no longer boring
That's you darling
You smile at me like I'm the night sky
You found me I'll never say goodbye
You became my love of midnight
You are my starling
Child of mine, I'll always love you
Spouse of mine, know my words are true
We will live Red and blue hues
Family's strong
Now when I will tell our story
Love, so kind, it won't be boring
You know we are the storming
Life will be long *Chords, finale*
I know my heart will be soft but
I still hope
Maybe if there's any chance that
I'm enough
You have made me who I am
And If I had the chance again
I'd always choose to be with
Only you
Now we sit in peaceful silence
A yellow house and picket fence
I guess what I want to say
Is I love you
Yeah I love you...
. .
//Credit: (Me) @a.e.palfrey
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Trumpy Dumpty
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I have no political leanings, but I love this beauty of a poem.

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It's funny how just a few minutes of being here can create ages of poems💜
The beauty of life is that no one can write for you, so life will keep on waiting until you are here, even if your soul has to jump to the time it breathes and wait for you there, and write for you there... #lovethiscolor
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बूझो तो जाने 🌻