Widhyanto Muttaqien (@widhyanto.muttaqien)

dua hal yang mengerikan terjadi dalam satu hari

hutan dalam kobaran api sebuah kata terakhir ditebang dari pohon puisi
membaca sunyi lebih jauh lagi bakal kata muncul dari sisa karbon
membaca panas tubuh burung
kenangan murung: menunggu musim mengupas kerak
saat tepat buat telanjang dan menerima cahaya sepenuhnya: memandikan
mayat pohon
mayat kata lengking bergeming
- tak ada kekal
juga tak ada bekas atau sisa. disana awal bermula



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Tanusha.S (@feelsofthesoul)

I loved you until i hurt myself to love you...

Emmie McKee (@emmiemckee)

A little, slightly unpolished one especially for @meghann.grace before work. I love you fren, can’t wait to talk to you later #poetrycommunity #writeitout #empathy #caring #positivevibes

Rajul Jagdish (@rjmist)

//Waiting for death// Waiting for death
Like a song,
That puts you to sleep

You might end up smiling
In your sleep,
Or curl up
And hug your pillow.

I am very sorry for
Not being what you wanted.
You’ll see what I tried to do,
But failed.

You’ll call out my name.
I won’t answer.

It’s not my death that worries me,
It’s you.
Leaving behind for you,
A pile of songs and memories,
Super soft sweatshirt
Or nothing.

I want you to know,
You meant more than just a song to me.

The endless fights and
Dinners beside,
Or all the seemingly sleepless nights,
I ended up saying one thing;
I repeat,

I love you.
(Inspired: Confession -Charles Bukowski)

Rebecca (@alifeinperfectbalance)

#Repost @crescendotoclarity
While lies can help you gain acceptance from others,
the truth helps you gain acceptance
from yourself.

art by @abeeeeeerk

Every lie I said to gain acceptance from others,
took me a step closer to creating a false idea of who I am, and a step away from accepting myself.

I defined who I wanted to be, and what I wanted from my life - my idea of happiness and success, based on what I thought others would like and accept.

And one day when I looked in the mirror,
to try and see what would make me happy,
what I wanted from my life, I realized I had no idea who I wanted to be, no idea what happiness means for me, and no idea who I am.

And that day I decided, I would never lie again.

But they say 'never say never' and they say, 'old habits die hard'. And I found that, sometimes even before I would remind myself to tell the truth, a lie, an excuse, a defense, would pop out from my mouth.

And a lie, I found, is like a spark.

It is reactionary, it is fast - like a cry after a pinch,
and as soon as I would say a lie, I would often feel regret, and I would often wish I could take it back.

But they say you can 'never go back',
don't they?

So I started forgiving myself, and I saw that speed was not the answer for me.

That to a question -
where it was easier to lie,

to a fault -
where it was easier to defend,

and in an answer -
where I knew would not be accepted
by someone else,

I would have to take a minute.

Before I spoke I would have to go slow, I would have to watch my breath.

So if you're ever lost and you want to
find yourself - start with telling the truth.
To yourself about yourself.

And go slow. There is no rush, time is your friend,
and if you ever meet me, and I take a minute to to tell who I am it's because I know I am only supposed to seek acceptance from myself.

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