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well, in my staying in Krakow, I had to go there!!! the place is ..... I dont know hoento describe the feeling.. but in that day it was raining really bad with wind and also cold that goes straight to your bones! I took a tour to go there, around 30 euros, is a 7 hours tour , including the travel in bus to go there, the tour guide was really good!! and very informative!! you really have to go there and u will realize that u are not an unlucky person! #auschwitzmemorialmuseum #auschwitz #poland #camp #raining #instalike #instamood #instagood #instraveling #travelblogger #travelgram #eurotrip #europe

Michael Turner (@michael____turner)

As if My Aunt passing wasn't enough for me to handle, my Uncle Joe on my moms side tragically passed away of a heart attack.
Uncle Joe--I love you so much. You were always there for me. You taught me everything I know about computers. You were so smart, my Uncle.

It is because of you that I picked a career in computing and to honor your passing and what a great man you were:

I pledge to you I will become a full stack web developer and absolutely ace the course I am taking. I promise you, my Uncle.

Every time my mother Barbie Turner needed help, Uncle Joe was there.

You were a saint to our family, my Uncle.

Everytime I had a computer problem, Uncle Joe was there.
You have taught me what loyalty means, my Uncle.
You have taught me what perseverance means.
My Uncle--Within my bones I now have forged within me the audacity to push forth through self doubt to learn new skills. It is because of you, that I now say this.

Your way of thinking showed me that with every problem, no matter how hard or frustrating it seemed--there was always a solution.
I love you and wherever you now lay, may it be in peace. One day we shall meet, and we shall continue our intellectual conversations about topics that most could not comprehend.
I will carry with me your spirit, and as you advised me, I will conquer the skills I've sought to master within computing, and I will fucking use them to change the world. You mark my words I will use these skills to disrupt the status quo and change the world---for us. For you and I. Because, My Uncle--you deserve no less.

I love you. ❤️

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لغة الجسد / المقابلة (٢)
وكذلك النساء حيث تنظر للمتقدمين للوظيفة وتتفحصهم مطول شعرهم وتصميم ملابسهم وتنسيقها وكسرات البنطلون ولمعان الحداء ومعظم الرجال يجهلون إن النساء ينظرن لحالة الحداء من الخلف عندما يسير الرجل خارجاً من الغرفة.
ولكن الحل يكمن في ⏪ عندما تذهب للمقابلة صافح باليد ثم أَعْط المسؤول عن اجراء المقابلة حوالي ثانيتين أو ثلاث ثواني لإتمام عملية تفحصك ثم أنظر للأسفل لتفتح حقيبتك مثلاً وحينها ستجري المقابلة بشكل أفضل.
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