Between Blue Worlds (@betweenblueworlds)

I loved this fuckin cat. I never grieved her death. That kind of sadness would kill me. That's the kind of pain you stash away until your physical death is over and down with or something like that.
Give yourself time to breath and know that you have always acted to the best of your ability and the change and growth doesnt need you to focus on the grief or the guilt right now? Nope. It is time to cry and be uncomfortable and throw a fit and fight it out. But just sometimes.
Remember when you were a teenager and you were like constantly just doing what wad the most interesting while staying within the realm of your relative safe? Remember being daring?? @urbansirenllc *ahem* WOOT WOOT
#goforit #dontmakeitweird #okdoit #beastar #shakeitout #danceitout #pawline #polydactyl #polydactylcats

Ruby (@littletinyruby)

Turkey. I’m pretty sure she was trying to hunt me. Again. 😬

Rachel Edelson (@rachiee426)

I will get you...with my large paw #PolydactylCats #Lulu/peaches/buckets/cutiekins/IHaveTooManyNamesToCount #adorbs

Moonface (@moonerthecliniccat)

These little birds “Lime Charles” & “Watermelon Marge” have been roaming around MY clinic and now they think they can get in my personal space!!! What is this nonsense?! #cliniccatsofinstagram #cliniccats #polydactylcats #thursdayfunday #velvetkittycat #catsofinstagram
Photo Cred: 📷 @amandavickkk