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Deciding to fly into Busan during my trip was one of my best ideas ever. I didn't expect to love the city as much as I did. I'm so staying longer next time!

The vibe is totally different from Seoul and definitely more my speed. Also, the dialect has always been an interest of mine. I know dialects, in general, tend to be seen as "uncouth" the further away they stray from the language's standard, but I'm obsessed with them.
Also also, fun fact! Busan is Chicago's sister city in Korea.

Once I'm proficient enough in Korean I'm having somebody teach me Busan dialect! 😂 #dynamicbusan

Do you have any favorite dialects of your target language? Are you thinking about learning it?

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I honestly dare you to find a better spot to get some studying done... nothing beats a @gymnova.official pit! 👌🏻😂

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“At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask how you did it.” Always set goals for yourself 💯💖 Believe in yourself, and push yourself to the limits⚡️. #languagelearning #foreignlanguage #foreignlanguages #languagestudy #goals #goalsetting #goals2018 #studygoals #learningisfun #knowledgeispower #believeinyourself #polyglot #polyglotlife #inspirationdaily #motivationdaily #notetaking

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Es vital hacerlo uno. / “Earth won’t discover itself”. Head out.

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@Regranned from @polyglotindonesia - Sampurasun wargi Bandung!
🇪🇸 Laskar Spanyol 🇪🇸
Polyglot Indonesia Chapter Bandung mempersembahkan:
"Spanish Sharing Session; Especial con un Nativo!"
Everything that you need to know about the spanish language; the culture behind it, the people, the history, the art, the magic and what makes it the coolest, and many more!
📆 : Friday, January 19th, 2018
⏰ : 19.00 - 20.30
📍 : @twomcafe
“¡Conquista el mundo con el español!
(Conquer the world with Spanish!)
Contact person:
@ebizombie - 085863535531 (WhatsApp only)
#polyglot #polyglotindonesia #pibandung #sharingsessionseries #laskarspanyol #infobdgcom #belajarspanyol - #regrann