Heather & Kiwi (@honuleibay)

I'm a day late for #nationalpuppyday! I've had Kiwi since she was 7 weeks old and she has one of the best dog personalities I've ever met. She's smart, obedient, loving, athletic, and freakin hilarious. I feel very blessed to have this little fluff ball in my life!

Thank you Universe for having me check the mail one last time for the Penny Saver to look through the pet section for Pomeranian puppies before I went out to look at other dogs. Thank you Mexican family in Santa Ana for having two amazing pet Poms to make little Kiwiener, and telling me she was the last puppy you had left. I didn't plan on getting my first dog that day......but everything happens exactly the way it's supposed to.

#kiwiener #pomeranian #pompom

M i l a (@milathepomx)

26/07/2016 💕 1st picture

TRACC Borneo (@traccborneo)

Up up and away one of the TRACC locals launches for the ball while Nick and Katie wait to return the smash in a friendly game of beach volleyball at sunset. #volleyball #volunteer #Tracc #pompom #pompomisland #beachlife

Fofur {Fofuras com amor} (@fofur.comamor)

Pompom na faixinha ♡ .. mas pode pode pedir na xuxinha no bico de pato ou arquinho.