Charlie Gallant (@charlie_byrd)

Cootsey, Prince Harry’s “harmless” friend, is full of privilege and idiocy. “Wassup Bitches!”. King Charles III by Mike Bartlett; directed by Kevin Bennett; costumes by Christopher David Gauthier.
Actor: Chris Cochrane .
Another round of character headshots of my stellar castmates. I also downloaded the 7 day trial of Adobe Photoshop CC and made some crude adjustments 🔥🔥!! (The background images are not my own) #theatre #50mm #portraitphotography #portrait #actor #canonphotography #sunlightphotography #character #headshot #photoshop #royalfamily #adobephotoshop #adobephotoshopcc #canon #canonrebel #actress #artsclub #moodygrams

Oskar Filipowicz (@oskarfilipowicz)

How to get successful faster? Don’t try to fight your weaknesses, multiply your strengths.

I wrote that success doesn’t come from talents. That’s true, because a talent without an execution is nothing. Although you should always try to grow using your strengths. Everyone can be a better runner if he trains. But most of won’t become the next Usain Bolt.

How to find your talents? Try, try and try. Try new things, don’t get comfortable. Then watch and listen to yourself, honestly. Are you good at the thing you’re doing or you’re just deluding yourself?

马龙 (@marloncordz)

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.


grins and giggles

Nils Rehm (@nilsrehmphoto)

Weiter geht es heute mit etwas ganz anderem. Ich arbeite nicht sonderlich gerne im Studio aber aktuell gibt das Wetter ja nichts anderes her.☔️💧
Also ab ins Studio mit der bezaubernden @kimmarieb 📸👱🏻‍♀️
Wollt ihr mehr Porträts aus dem Studio sehen?

Gabii (@gabiiojeda)

Lo único que se interpone entre ti y tu sueño, es la voluntad de intentarlo y la creencia de que en realidad es posible. #me #springday #spring2017 #portraitphotography #photooftheday #photography #motivacion #motivate #instaconce #concepcionchile

Yana Gerbach (@yahgerr)

.года три назад мне сказали, что такое настроение пройдет. #vsco #vscocam #portraitphotography

Selim Käser (@selimkaeser)

yes! two lovebirds!
Had a very spontaneous and absolute fun shoot with these two! They are just amazing!