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I hope my face haunts you when your eyes close

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WOKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO THE BEST FREAKIN NEWS OF 2018 SO FAR AND STARTED RUNNING AND JUMPING AROUND THE HOUSE IN EXCITEMENT AT 2AM! I won the @christopher.james giveaway and get to spend a week trekking Death Valley and Yosemite with him shooting and learning all of the things buzzing around in his brain 😱 Christopher is one of my all time favorite photographers and has remained a huge source of inspiration for me since quitting my day job and taking this full time. Thank you to everyone who commented about me on the contest post, this wouldn’t have happened without you! I was so humbled by your words, you are all amazing and I can’t wait to make you proud 📷
Watch the IG story today on @christopher.james to see how he made his pick. Aaanddd swipe right for a look at a shoot I did many months ago when I was feeling extra inspired by his work. This shoot was the first ever where I truly felt that passion was the ONLY driving force of the creation - not my portfolio, not profit, not praise...just passion. #thestandbydiary

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Estuve vacío... Pero ahora tu me llenas de cariño 🙏🏽

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