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there's matcha to learn, grow and love 🍵 come on, chin up

BRITTNEY RED (@_missfitb)

I did not wake up to be mediocre.
Every single day for the past 13 months I have:
Stayed consistent
Got less and less sleep
Met amazing people
and refuse to give up.
I have done all of these things and will continue to do all of these things so that one day I will look back and know that I did not wake up to have a mediocre life.
I have seen first hand that hard work, consistency, and dedication does pay off for the ones who are willing to make the sacrifices to get to the place they want to be in life instead of just talking about it.
I wish that I could show everyone I have ever met and will ever meet how much potential is in every single one of us. Some may think that they don't have what it takes so they never take the risk in fear of failure. But that's just it you can't fail you can only learn!
Take the risk, make the leap, and love the life you "dream" of. There is always a way to get there, always. But the real question you have to ask yourself when you wake up every single morning is '
"are you willing to make the sacrifices that you know you have to make to get there?"
If your not then your dreams will forever stay just that .. dreams, but if you are oh darling you will go far.
Make things happen and don't let a single excuse get in your way.

↠ trisha ↞ (@sinfullygreen)

Posting this to make @healthycrazycool drool 😂 maple tahini "cheesecake" made with only tahini and no cashews! Literally like eating straight up maple and tahini goodness 😱 and super easy to make too! Am mind blown 😳

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2 SYAWAL 1438H

It's called Baju Kurung Moden. Haven't worn this design for long during Eid. I always go for dress 😃 💞 💞✨🌟🔥🌺🌹🌻 #live #life #love #bliss #blessed #Alhamdulillah #qotd #botd
#potd #ootd #Islam #Muslim #smile #positive #happy #2017 #eidulfitr #aidilfitri2017 #eid2017

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🌿I feel so grateful today, for another seriously divine day, for this delicious blueberry muffin scented candle, for some yummy, new recipes, nature, walks along the river and beautiful people 💕☀️🍄 #Monday #grateful #green