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Thinking outloud 🤔

For as long as i can remember i hated the color pink. I hated dresses 👗 bows, jewelry, tights, leotards, if it was considered feminine by society’s standards, i didn’t like it. This wasn’t something that i had much of a thought process about, i was a little kid...i was acting off of true feelings...likes and dislikes, not politics or religion.
When i cut my hair i noticed something that i couldn’t quite put my finger on, i felt just a tad uncomfortable in situations that i use to think nothing of. I noticed that people maybe prejudged me a little more than before... That confused me 🤷🏽‍♀️ For so long i went against my natural feelings to make others feel more comfortable. I hid who i truly was so that they could feel comfortable in their tiny little box of societal norms.
I will no longer change who i am to make ignorant people feel comfortable. There is room for everyone in this world. I know with all my heart that i am a child of god whether i am wearing army fatigues with a shaved head or a white dress.
I know, because who i am inside is what matters. How i treat others is what matters. How i serve his people and his planet is what matters. 🙏🏽 Break norms if you feel like it. Be you! ✌🏾 #thinkingoutloud

Mariana Freitas (@mffreitas_)

It's not the destination where you end up, but the mishaps and memories you create along the way! 💙


Exercise is medicine ✨
From experience and being a physiotherapist I have seen the interactions between physical, mental, emotional and other elements of wellbeing.
Each element has the ability to impact another which is the essence of an holistic approach to wellbeing.
As individuals we will each choose their own method where they is no wrong or right path to wellbeing or wellness.
However, the wider picture which takes into account all aspects of wellbeing is likely to be the most beneficially approach.
Always appreciate yourself inside and outside. Embrace warm hearted intentions of self love, appreciation and gratitude.
Intention is key, after all the physical body is said to be the temple of our infinite soul. We all have so much to offer the world by our actions, words and presence.
Wishing you all an amazing week so far 🌈 ✨🌹❤️🌍💜🙏

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With everything that's been going on in my life recently, I've felt a profound need to recenter myself. This has led me to start meditating, which I never really did before, at least not in a dedicated way. In the beginning I could only do a few minutes before getting distracted by thoughts, like what I should be working on or other stuff in general, but now I manage to sit in stillness for 10-15 minutes every day and just be. It's had a deep impact on how I handle the day as it gives me a sense of peace within, and I truly recommend everyone to try it! Meditation has so many amazing benefits, but you have to stick with it to really experience its potential power! Tip: I started listening to audios (meditation for beginners) to follow the steps and if totally worked!) thinking in doing a mini sanctuary at home too 😬😍

🇪🇸Con todo lo que ha estado sucediendo en mi vida recientemente, he sentido una profunda necesidad de volver a centrarme. Esto me ha llevado a comenzar a meditar, algo que nunca he hecho antes, al menos no de manera dedicada. Al principio solo podía dedicar unos minutos antes de distraerme con pensamientos, como en lo que debería estar trabajando u otras cosas en general, pero ahora me las arreglo para sentarme en la quietud por 10-15 minutos todos los días y ser así. Ha tenido un impacto profundo en la forma en que manejo el día, ya que me da una sensación de paz en mi interior, ¡y realmente recomiendo a todos que lo intenten! La meditación tiene tantos beneficios sorprendentes, ¡pero tienes que seguir con esto para experimentar realmente su poder potencial! (Para hacerlo más fácil me pongo audios donde me dan pasos a seguir) #relaxation #life #energy

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Saw this in a waiting room while at a doctor's appointment today and absolutely loved it.
#fitmamasteph #positiveminds #weightlosscoach #greatthinking


Exams are finally done which means I can start to enjoy the holidays and focus on smashing some goals!

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The perfect spouse is the best life hack.

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We search through miles and galaxies for the crystal ball that will tell us who we are.. to finally know that piece of genius that only we hold.. when all along it’s been there, deep inside our hearts. All we have to do is clear the shadows blocking us from seeing it and know that it’s there. Yes, it’s alarmingly simple✨