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DRIVING THE GREEN - We have almost driven half the length of Italy and are officially in Tuscany. Windows XP wallpaper wasn't lying all those years ago...the almost fake like but deliciously green hills do exist! They're real, and you'll find them here in Tuscany.

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hobbys: sonnenuntergang gucken. 👀

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• On the edge.. 🏔️🌊 // Felt like sharing the rest of my Dover serie with you guys as well, since this place really amazed me. Swipe right to see more! • | Dover, United Kingdom

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Копенгаген в отражении 😍помимо старинной застройки в городе очень много современных районов и домов, сделанных в основном из стекла, так что даже гулять по новым районам было сплошным удовольствием! Сочетание стекла, металла, камня, зелени ( тут в новых районах сажают сразу большие высокие деревья, а не кустики, которые возможно и не доживут до следующего сезона )и воды 👌🏻 я очень люблю смотреть на то, как обустраивают новые районы в разных городах, и всё время сравниваю их с нашим Парнасом или Мурино, какой же разный подход увы ((

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One of my favorite places that we visited in Gozo was the Cittadella in Victoria. Rising up high in the middle of the city and overlooking most of the island, this old fortress can be seen from miles away and is easily one of the most impressive buildings in all of Malta. You can walk almost the entire circumference of the complex, getting an incredibly 360° view of Gozo in the process, and in my humble opinion this is definitely one of the things you should not miss out on when you travel to Malta! .
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✨Crete✨Who will be visiting Greece this summer?! 💙 Girl Abroad 📸 @belenhostalet #thegirlsabroad


Blue, green and gold ....Praia da Gale, Algarve, Portugal 🇵🇹

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Budapest do lighting GOOD 😍 The Royal Palace on dusk is something you can't help but stare at in wonder!

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I have a confession to make... I went all the way to Knightsbridge just to find this house 🙈 I had seen it somewhere a few months ago and as it conveniently had its address on the side, I bookmarked it for later. It was very, very pretty in real life too though so completely worth it in the end! And of course, the whole surrounding area is worth exploring too 💕

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