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Forgot everything else, and just focus on the road ahead. 🏍️

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Balancing my way right into the weekend 🙌🏼 (Though with considerably more layers) .
While this week has done anything but go "according to plan," I did scrap together one of my favorite posts to help those who have ever thought of visiting Wyoming. ⛰️
This view is near #pinedalewyoming and one I can't wait to get back to 🙌🏼 #abalancingpeach #apeachtravels

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Hola! Young Fernanda was a spunky little girl I met at Rancho El Refugio. The granddaughter of Don Caterino and Doña Luz, Fernanda volunteered enthusiastically when I mentioned that I'd like to take a photo of the gargantuan fig tree (its twisted trunk is at least 12 feet in diameter) on the property with someone sitting in it. Her cousin was shy and wouldn't pose, but Fernanda was thrilled to have a reason to climb this gorgeous ficus. She posed for many shots for me, but this was one of my favourites because of the way she's sitting so comfortably in the tree's "window", a part of the tree that forms an almost perfect square, and the way the green leaves contrast beautifully against her warm chestnut skin and dark hair.
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I love exploring when in a new place. While in Paris, @mtxconnect made it so easy because I had data on my iPhone, no matter where I went. If I needed to look up info or glance at a map, it only took moments. If you plan a trip throughout Europe, I recommend using their SIM cards.

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I don't know about you, but I think it's fun to notice the little details when traveling. ✨

Live Learn Venture 🌎 (@livelearnventure)

Take me back to Paris! It's such a great city. 💛 Did you know there are many other cities that are also named Paris? But, you can probably guess which one I'm taking about. 😉

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There were people living on the other side of this "building"

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I ended my HK trip on a high (literally). I had my one and only sunny day in HK yesterday and I'm so glad I saved my trip to Victoria Peak for last. Thanks for an awesome time HK! #day6 🏔️🇭🇰🏔️🇭🇰🏔️

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Three cheers for the balloon man for making everyone's day just a little brighter 🎈