Dave Llewellyn (@dave_llewellynn)

3 days post Arnold’s and holding onto condition as best as I can. I took a day off for rest and relaxed (lots of!) eating 😆 but now I’m ready to work again! Training is my passion and I’m more determined than ever to smash my goals this year!💯 @iron_addicts_nitro_ringwood
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Lauren Kate Fullgrabe (@laurenfullgrabe)

Can't believe how amazing I've felt post show, everything is just so perfect ✨ #socontent#livinglifetothefullest#postcomp @_zac_hornsby_23

Tina Black (@tina_black_maryborough_fitness)

Post show explosion, still feeling amazing, and still coming down to earth, gravity and fluid brings you back pretty quickly 😅 #ifbbwomensphysique #postcomp #carbs #lovinglife #shoulders #bodybuilding

Courtney (@courtney_healthandfitness)

Back to reality 😭😥 Post comp people think ‘oh you can relax now’...for me it means working harder! Reverse dieting is hard and important... I enjoy tracking my food and training luckily. With another comp in mind I need to keep focused. Some tips for post comp....throw everything out in your house that is tempting to eat or left over post comp! Keep active like walks or shopping haha, set new goals, mini goals, have a yummy protein powder for any sweet cravings!! @bpi_sports @bpi_sports_australia @nutritionsystems #nutritionsystems #bpisports #bpiprotein #postcomp #reversediet

SAMI•ROSE💜samirosefitness.com (@sami_rose_)

One year & a whole lot of life between pics ✨ I’ve had my ups and downs, and it certainly hasn’t been an easy road of self-acceptance, but the things I’ve learned about myself over the past 12 months have shaped who I am today 🤗 To all of you who are struggling with body image, feeling pressured to look a certain way, and constantly battling low self esteem - it gets better. Fake it til ya make it. Confidence comes from accepting who you are on the inside, loving the hell outta yourself, and letting that shine on the outside, whatever form that may take 💜 I’m not saying you’ll ever be 100% comfortable with how you look - I wasn’t on the left, and I’m still not quiiiiite there on the right, but the difference now is that I know that how I look is just a small, superficial fraction of me and what I have to offer the world is so much more valuable than just a body 🙏🏼
One thing that still hasn’t changed though is I still don’t know what to do with my hands when I take a photo 🙈📸

Bavarian Fitness Freaks (@bavarianbulls)

Du bist nicht du, wenn du hungrig bist 😁
#throwback zum Burgeressen mit den Jungs in der Leopoldauer Alm -Wien, ein paar Monate nach meinen Bodybuilding Wettkämpfen.
Heute mal ein paar Worte warum ich der Meinung bin, dass zu langsames "Reverse Dieting" nach solch langen Wettkampfdiäten kontraproduktiv ist:
🔸weiteres (striktes) Einhalten bestimmter (niedriger) Kalorien-Vorgaben ist für die meisten Athleten äußerst schwierig/unmöglich, wenn die Wettkämpfe einmal vorbei sind und man kein konkretes Ziel mehr vor Augen hat
🔸kann man die Vorgaben nicht einhalten findet man sich schnell in einem Teufelskreis aus Diät- und Fresstagen wieder, was definitiv nicht das Ziel des Reverse Dieting ist -> Gefahr eines (noch größeren) gestörten Essverhalten
🔸Leptin und Ghrelin Werte sind auch Tage nach dem Wettkampf noch deutlich gestört, was auch bei größerem Kalorienüberschuss zu keinem Sättigungsgefühl führt -> wiederum erschwert dies das Einhalten und führt zum vorherigen erwähnten Teufelskreis
Was also tun?
Meine (selbstangewendete) Lösung:
Zunahme innerhalb von 3-4 Wochen auf ein Körpergewicht, welches relativ Nahe an deinem natürlichem Setpoint liegt. Dies ist natürlich sehr individuell, jedoch sind 5-8kg (beim Mann) ein guter Richtwert. (In meinen Fall von 78kg auf ca 83-84kg)
Wie seht ihr das?
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MissPriscillaBennett🇦🇺 (@misspriscillagrace__)

This just makes me want to go harder💪🏻Looking back at that time I fluffed around in front of a camera 🎥

Ruby Binelli (@rubybinelli)

Love the post comp pumps 🤤

Matthew D. Del Castillo (@matt.basebkk)

Feel good work today to fix some issues affecting my squat
Also wearing lifting shoes for the very first time and i must say that i kinda like it..Maybe its time to get me a pair 🤔 .
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