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Morning jog with Emilio

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Offer them respect, earn their trust, and then build a relationship. •
Cinnamon has trust issues while being mounted bareback. In his past he has had kids kick him (and hurt him) while trying to get on. We are currently working on building trust and showing him that it's not all to bad when I hop on! This issues like this I personally think using cookies is extremely helpful and can hurry up the process. ••Also if you're wondering where that beautiful halter came from go check our @harmonyhorsemanshiptm . I absolutely love it. They didn't ask me to give a shout out but I absolutely love this halter and think you guys would too! So go check them out.

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Just a few of the little shenanigans our classroom #elfontheshelf has got into! Dadgum you Blitzen, you’re a sneaky one!! ☺️😜❤️🎅🏻
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Silicone Animal Treat Pouch 🇦🇺 (@thetrainerspouch)

GOAT TRAINING - Serena the goat is loving her new Trainer's Pouch especially when there are carrots inside 🥕Yum!
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The ability to trap a wild bird a few weeks ago and condition him to accept me as his hunting partner is a skill that pulls on primal instinct. There is a measure of trust that the bird has to break through and when they do the training progresses at a fast rate. As a Combat Veteran we are geared to use negative reinforcement to achieve results. It's hard to break away from those habits when we work with people and when we deal with our families. I am introducing a new and innovative approach.. by using Falconry. Falconry teaches you how to use positive reinforcement to achieve your goals. We respond more positively to things that are positive than are negative. Imagine the implication when working with your staff, your family and the community. My raptor wants to eat.. I create an environment where I need him to perform that's built on a system of rewards.. not punishment. Working this way is a total rewiring of the brain and highly unlikely that it will be achieveable if not approached in this manner. In a few weeks Artemis and I will head to the woods and fields in search of squirrels and Rabbits. He will have the opportunity to fly away and live wild and free or the choice to stay and hunt with me. Today we moved one step closer in that direction. #falconry #primal #raptor #conditioning #skill #postivereinforcement

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I’m training Cali to target onto an object just now. The aim is her to touch the stick with her nose 3-4 times on command and then she gets her reward. I have introduced a clicker into her training regime which she is responding well too! She is still on the teaching phase of this project so I am still rewarding her with her favourite food (@ziwipets mackerel & lamb) after each successful attempt 👍🏼🐶

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This workshop is the bomb diggity and I’m real proud of Edward for keeping his shit together so far all day 😬#karenpryoracademy #postivereinforcement #dontshopadopt