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“… to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part"

I was sitting by the cliff at the Land’s End labyrinth lookout point earlier today while waiting for the sunset. It was really windy and gloomy and there was no sun at all so needless to say, there was no sign of the sunset being apparent anytime soon. There was a couple (Nick & Dayana) sitting right beside me the entire time as I sat there just looking out onto the ocean for quite a while.
I was just about to get up when Nick turned to me and asked if I could help them take some photos with his iPhone. So after taking a few shots of them by the ocean, I stepped forward to let them check their shots and then he said “ok let me do one more thing”. So I thought he was just going to lean in for a kiss or something right so I got back into position and waited.

THEN I SAW HIM REACH INTO HIS POCKET THEN PROCEEDED TO KNEEL DOWN. Holy SHIT I was squealing so hard in shock/surprise/excitement (silently of course) as I prepared to take the picture then…….. HIS PHONE DIED. OMfg BATTERY FLAT. BLACK SCREEN. GONE. WHILE HE WAS PROPOSING!!!!!!!!!!! So you best believe I grabbed my camera so fast and snapped away like my life depended on it okaY. And oh my god... immediately after, the sunset BURST INTO THE SKY and the moment was just too precious to miss out on so I asked if they would like to have a little impromptu engagement sunset photoshoot and they very kindly obliged. And these are some of my favorite pictures :’) This was the most miraculous and beautiful shit I’ve ever had the chance to witness and be a part of and I am very very grateful and my heart is so full. Congratulations Nick & Dayana!!!! :') you have all my blessings and love.

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Precious tie waist shorties with a matching merino turban ❤️Should we include these as an item in our range to stay?


2012. All the same #35mm

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Wishing I was on a plane again rn. Where did you last fly to?

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Ξένοι αυχένες τώρα αντί για τον δικό σου,
ξένα λαγόνια, ξένα γόνατα, όλα ξένα,
τίποτα πια δεν θα μου μείνει απ’ τη φωνή σου,
ως και τα μάτια σου θα σβήσουν σ’ άλλα μάτια.

Και πια, μέσα στην τόση αλλοφροσύνη,
ψυχή μου, που θα βρεις τη δύναμη
για να μπορείς ακόμη να ελπίζεις
σε κάποιαν άλλη αγκαλιά πιο τρυφερή;

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Perut udah enggak bisa dikondisikan lagi

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D A Y.
me in osaka autumn 2017.
A man a cigarette suits🚬🚬🚬
담배가 어울리는 남자🚬🚬🚬
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The gorgeous Pennington family last Saturday. ❤️