SMITHY (@c6uke)

The Final peace of the puzzle Rothe short runner inlet lets see what the Vr can produce this time round 🖤

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Ankita Rai Tiwari (@theankitarai)

R u a fan of deep earthy hues , brown n family ?? Than this one is for u #prissyprincess #powerhungry by @maccosmetics .
It just made my makeup life a lot easier .. I use the deeper tones like “dangerously elegant” to do my brows n as a bronzer “money mad“ being my current fav ! .
N what crazy , cool names - adds a bit of character there too. .
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Faygie Moorvitch (@faygsm)

I’m such a sucker for food/drinks that look pretty. A pink latte? Hell, yeah. This pink power latte (aka beet latte) from @powerhungrycamilla caught my attention as soon as I saw the picture, and I’ve already made it two days in a row. It’s just 3 ingredients—unsweetened almond milk (I used vanilla), beet powder, and a bit of maple syrup)—and so easy to make. It might sound weird to some (not to me; I ❤️ beets), but it’s really delicious!
#plantbased #plantpowered #plantpower #vegan #vegetarian #meatfree #dairyfree #nomeatathlete #beetlatte #powerhungry #pinkdrink

neolanii (@neolanii)

Are politicians doing what is expected of them in our communities or they just after power? All they do is make false promise and keep making important contacts #powerHungry

Constantine (@_constantine_the_great_)

GUYS! I just killed Licinius and took Asia Minor, Greece, AND Macedonia! He didn’t even put up a fight! He just came up to me and begged for his life 😂😂Of course I cut off his head 😂😂😂. Dang...I have enough land to start my own empire! #powerhungry #doinggodswork #gonnastartanempire (Praxagoras of Athens, “The History of Constantine the Great”)

Jawn Nguyen (@jawn_herostrength)

I think I need to be working with more RPE based singles since I’m literally hitting each lift for a PR.
Deadlifts felt solid and I love being able to work with the deadlift bar and kilo plates. Speed with the competition equipment is slow off the floor but got to be patient with it. I had to use Versa Grips because one of my thumb is cracked from hook gripping and when I mix grip the side that I supinated my hand pinched my lower back when I pull, so due to these conditions gotta pull double overhand.
Bench was feeling good on a day where I didn’t even want to lift. Never hit that weight before and it felt super light. Can’t wait to cash in on increased frequency benching.
Thanks to @pvstrong_aep for the IPF approved pause command and always good to lift @socalpowerlifting because cheater deadlift bar and my colorful baes (kilo plates)
Deadlift: 370lbs @RPE 8.5 (PR)
Bench: 170lbs @RPE 9 (PR)

Z-Faktor Fotografie (@zfaktorfotography)

Power Hungry: The Myths of "Green" Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future (Damn good read. Separates fact from fiction regarding hydrocarbon resources & environmentalist propaganda.) #powerhungry #robertbryce #hydrocarbon #environmentalistpropagandaexposed #fossilfuels #greenenergymyths

Rick Dancer (@rickdancer)

What happens if you are wrong? You are so sure your way is the right way that you fail to see your bias. You assume because it settles well in your soul that it must be truth. Conversation is lost in arrogance and solutions, real solutions become meaningless words and phrases while more people die. #personalaccountability #humanfrailty #irrationalbehavior #powerhungry #tragic #schoolshootings

❣️КОСМЕТИКА❣️ПАРФЮМЕРИЯ❣️ОПТ (@monroe_kosmetics)

Girls, it’s Mac girls💃💃💃
Немного предисловия...
💭Не так давно всеми известный бренд профессиональной косметики MAC представил новую лимитированную коллекцию тематических палеток с удивительным
дизайном и не менее удивительными оттенками внутри😍
Нам кажется, было бы абсурдно и даже несправедливо не показать Вам данную рекламу.
⚠️А Вы что скажите на счёт такого формата «ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИИ» палетки? ⚠️Пишите под постом «Да»👍🏻/«Нет» 👎🏻
Для самых активных- как всегда 🎁
❗️Листайте фото- для Вас мы подготовили и фото, и видео-обзоры❗️
▪️Итак, представляем Вам нашу первую красавицу из данной коллекции- MAC Girls Palette - 💥POWER HUNGRY💥
В набор входят тени для век оттенков Bossing It✔️, Money Mad✔️, Winsome Lose Some✔️, Totally Obsessed✔️, Hot to Trot✔️, Something’s Fishy✔️, Bling Mistress✔️ и Dangerously Elegant✔️, а также мерцающий хайлайтер оттенка Gimme That🔥
▪️Новые компактные тени для век с эффектами покрытия Satin Shine, Smooth Pearl, Foiled Shadow и Creamy Matte обладают шелковистой кремовой текстурой и обеспечивают потрясающий яркий цвет. ▪️Новый мерцающий хайлайтер легко наносится, создавая великолепный сияющий акцент благодаря идеальной концентрации перламутра.

MAC Cherry Hill (@maccherryhill)

MACGirls palettes are back in stock! These to die for palettes have 4 NEW shadow formulas and a coordinating highlighter! And can we talk about that $39.50 price?!!?!! These were SUPER popular when they launched last year! Come in and let’s match you with your personality! ❤️❤️❤️

#TEAMCORK (@myartistcommunitycork)

Power Hungry Tutorial!
@laurencekeating created this super quick dramatic Smokey Eye look using the stunning Power Hungry palette on @caoimhebhmua