Gabe Ramirez (@dwnbythetrain)

Jalapeño cheese cornbread. Not just a side, a must.

Rachel McDonald (@rachelwritesfancy)

When you're watching TV and end up with lettering doodles on stacks on stacks on stacks of tracing paper 😬

Kiana Ng (@kianangyoga)

Want to work on your scorpion without the sting? Join #SpringIntoScorpion April 1-10th as we take you through progressions to lead you up to our final pose: scorpion! 🦂Read below for the full rules! All levels are welcome 😊
1. Follow all hosts & sponsors!
2. Tag all hosts & sponsors in each of your daily posts!
3. Post a daily pic or vid of yourself doing the days progression!
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Audie Bethea (@audie_bethea_)

Merry go round, key change!!🎼

#heartforward (@mysoultribe)

"If we are willing to be still and open enough to listen, wilderness itself will teach us. " ~ Steven Harper #listen #practice #heartforward #naturelover #mysoultribe #souljourn

Jazmin Sambula (@awakenreiki)

This mentality is so powerful. Who says we need to wait until they are 8? My kids and I often discuss and #practice #meditation, #energy #healing, #crystals, #moon phases, #magic and we go outside as often as possible. It was windy and chilly today, so we didn't stay outside long, we walked and did a 2-3 minute #deepbreathing #exercise. My 5 year old brought up a great question because there were other children riding their bikes in our neighborhood. He asked me what to do if you are so distracted. My response is always the same. Just return to your breathing. Such a simple thing to say, but such a difficult concept to grasp I think. It's ok, harnessing #magic is a discipline. And so we work 🕉️#practicemakesperfect #lightwarriors #intraining #lightworker #chakras #nature #kidsmeditation #shine #grow #vibratehigher #discipline #awakenreiki