poetictiffany (@poetictiffany)

You honestly never know what someone is dealing with. People/I go through things you have no idea about everyday.
When we pray for others , God listen to you and blessed them .. So when your safe and happy , remember that someone is praying for you. #PrayForOneAnother 🙏🏽❤️

Rachael Benedict (@mrs.b_plus3)

What does it look like to actually pray? Today, most people say “I’ll pray for you” or “Thoughts and prayers” without an actual thought or real prayer. Prayer today is a comment on a Facebook thread that is never actually upheld. It is a quick “Lord help them” and we move on with our day. How often do we actually close the door behind us, fall on our knees and cry out to God. Think about the miracles we would see on a daily basis if we took our “thoughts and prayers” to the feet of Jesus. Many people say they pray all day, and usually approach God like another person in the room. Not giving Him any respect, praise, worship or even acknowledging His immense and limitless authority and power. I challenge you today, when you pray, lock the door behind you, cry out to God in worship. Acknowledge who He is and present your needs to the living God. Watch your life change. Learn how to pray and submit yourselves, and watch God move in your life.

#pray #thoughtsandprayers #submit #humbleyourself #repent #thefeetofjesus #bowdown #cryouttogod #heismighty #heisworthy #praisehim #jesuslovesyou #prayforoneanother #thelivinggod #respect

Natasha (@nbk520)

I was so honored to get to meet @krisvallotton_official today!! Imagine meeting someone in person who has had such a powerful impact and influence in your life. God has used his obedience in following God’s call that he has touched more lives than I can even imagine. That’s what this life given to us is for. To love God, live for Him, and follow Him to be a part of something greater than ourselves. I’ve been desperate to be pastored by someone who could impart to me insight into a world no one ever explained to me before. The selfish side of me wanted to ask him for something but I was moved to do something unnatural. I asked him what I could be praying for him for. A question I’ve been asked by God to ask strangers, family and fellow believers. I only share this that if you also have been touched by Pastor Kris’s and @bethel ministry you can partner with them. His response:
1. Wisdom
2. Protection
#sothankful #propheticcommunity #bethelpropheticconference2018 #prayforoneanother

Natalie Seale (@nlussey)

Among the small gestures of kindness I have been engaging in/am still to carry out in my pursuit of #thegivinglent, I reach out to you with a simple question:
How can I pray for you?
If you’d like to share in the comments, please do! If you’d like to send me a DM, you are so welcome. There is love in the stillness of prayer ❤️ #prayer #prayercommunity #openyourbible #womenintheword #biblejournaling #handlettering #love #Lent #prayforoneanother

Bonnie (@the_alternate_ending_library)

Depression can strike anyone at any given time, but many people keep their feelings hidden. Someone you know could be falling apart inside, but they might appear tough on the outside so they don’t feel like a burden to loved ones, or cause themselves any embarrassment. Depression affects approximately 350 million people of all ages worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Depression can fluctuate in severity depending on events going on in a person’s life, and can vary in duration. Depression stems from many different factors, including genetics, diet, environment, personality, and chemical imbalances in the brain.
Sadly, many people in the world who have depression don’t get the help they need either because they feel embarrassed to speak up about their mental health, or because other people have made them feel guilty or weak when they tried to explain their feelings.
#smile #offerhelp #bekind #loveaboveall #beaware #helpothers #depressionisreal #loveyourfriendsandfamily #leavenoonebehind #bethechange #lifeistooshort #prayforoneanother

Kathy Schwanke (@kathyschwanke)

I’ve noticed many kingdom workers are weary and discouraged recently. Many have been called to mighty things, but feel their own weakness. And beyond that, the size of the task seems insurmountable. BUT we must REMEMBER: for God’s worker, this is exactly where we can TAKE COURAGE!
We remind ourselves:
Every calling of God is beyond our own capacity to carry out. (Without Him, we can do nothing - John 15)
Take C O U R A G E :
When I am weak, He is strong!
Ask and you will receive and your JOY will be complete!
R E M E M B E R the ways God has come through in the past!
It’s not by your might or power, but by His mighty Spirit, which He gives liberally to all who ask Him!
David encouraged himself “in the Lord” - we need to remember that He is in us and He clothes us with Himself.
God bless your work brother & sister! He always leads us in triumph! Walk by faith, not by sight! He will make a way! *
Now I’ve successfully encouraged myself!
#presson #carryon #encouragement #movingbeyondwhatisseen #comeawake #awakentowonder #bethelight #prayforoneanother

the encourager (@lovedblessedbox)

I have my own health challenges but they do not leave me in constant pain. Those that suffer from chronic pain have been on my heart for the last few weeks. I do know that when I’m experiencing physical pain all I want is relief. I’ve had to deal with that for a few days, maybe a week at the longest, but I know some who have to deal with that for a lifetime. If that’s you, know that I am praying that God would give you relief and if that’s not His Will, that He would give you the strength to endure. That He would show you new mercies each morning and give you refreshed hope with each day. .
#prayforoneanother #chronicpain

Called to Edify Boutique (@calledtoedifyboutique)

Everyday my goal no matter what is to become more and more like Christ.

Miss.BE (@missbelifecoaching)

Day 21 of 21
Wow, I can't believe we are here Lord 21 days of prayer and sharing it publicly. Thank you father for trusting me to pray and stand in the middle of those who can't pray for themselves, thank you for using this times to structure me and mold me. Father on this last day, I ask that you continue go guide me and my loved ones and every single person whom read my prayers. God this year is different not becuase the other years were bad,but becuase this year, I am doing it with you, knowing ,I am worthy, valuable and enough. I pray for continued wisdom ,courage and health, to be the servant you have called me to be. I pray that in this day a miracle will happen,on this day clarity will come for many, on this joy will reign in the home of the person reading this.on this day we will rejoice and know that you are God and God alone... Thank you for your grace and mercy, thank you for my smile, thank you for my friends and family, thank you for my business and supporters,thank you for my clients and collaborators. Thank you that all thinks are working out for my good.#bethelight #bethelight #talktoastranger #speaklife #21daysofprayer #motherslove #tribe #friendship #powerofagreement #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #positivityisachoice #LOVE #joy #bethelight #prayforoneanother #community #letsstandtogether #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #letsstandtogether #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #LETSSTANDTOGETHER #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #LETSSTANDTOGETHER #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #positivityisachoice

BCC Youth (@bcc_uth)

Tonight we will take a break from our other series to talk about the things that are going on in our schools. Not just that but things that are going on around us! You don’t want to miss this!

Miss.BE (@missbelifecoaching)

Day 20 of 21
Dear heavenly father today, I surrender.
I surrender it all to you father, have your way in my life and in the lives of those connected to me. Father I pray for a complete turn around in the things we worry about this year, may we establish healthy relationship and healthy friendships this year we surender our will for yours. Have your way lord. God I pray we will be our brothers and sisters keepers. But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand. Guide us. #21daysofprayer #tribe #friendship #powerofagreement #LOVE #joy #bethelight #talktoastranger #shareyoursmile #positivityisachoice #motivationalquotes #lovethyneighbor #Miss.BE #bethelight #prayforoneanother #community #LETSSTANDTOGETHER #LOVE #joy #bethelight #shareyoursmile #positivityisachoice #motivationalquotes #lovethyneighbor #Miss.BE #bethelight #talktoastranger #speaklife

Clare Cook (@claresinspiration)

Life is a crazy road! But it’s the people we surround ourself with that help build us especially when we are being pulled in every direction.
Really #thankful this morning for my #biblestudy friends at Sunrise Baptist Church.
Naturally I am always encouraging and sharing how I appreciate them all. 💕But without knowing it, this morning I was the one who needed to be encouraged, appreciated, and told I was being prayed for. #buildingrelationships #familyofgod #homeawayfromhome #prayforoneanother #buildothersup #1corinthians15:33