Joseph Turcic DPT CSCS FRCms (@dr.joeturcic)

Don’t forget they all developed embryologically from the same stuff (your mesoderm). There’s a reason almost every good book I’ve read lately on the fascial system starts with embryology. That’s why I assess the lymph with chronic muscle pain, as taught to me by @stopchasingpain if you have a lymph problem you have an inflammation problem. (Perry would also say you have a gut problem!) #assessment #lymph #muscle #fascia #blood #anatomy #stopchasingpain #prehab #rehab #ighealth #igfitness #physiotherapy

Move Better, Live Happier (@progressivemotionpt)

🔥Pails and Rails for Hip Internal Rotation🔥

This is a regression for those that have a hard time in the hip 90/90 position, while still receiving all the benefits of progressing your hip internal rotation
Having adequate internal rotation is essential for those that want to squat stronger, more efficient. Sometimes even myself needs a reminder to spend time, invest on your mobility and control the hell out of it, so you can squat with more weight. Trust me, treat your hip well and teach it how to move like normal hip, 👀 those gains go ⬆️ 1️⃣Assume the supine 90/90 position (as demonstrated in video) 🛑If you happen to feel any sharp pain or "pinch" points, doing this exercise WILL NOT help you. **talk to your local therapist to help you with this if so** 🛑Hold stretch for ➡️ 1-2 minutes⬅️ Make sure to maintain contact with ground with lower back
2️⃣ irradiate as contract all other muscles (make a fist, fill belly with air to create increased abdominal pressure, etc.) 3️⃣ Using your hand as resistance, actively external rotate hip into your hand by driving knee through your hand , ramping up to achieve 80-100% of maximum effort contraction and hold this contraction for ➡️ 15 seconds ⬅️ 4️⃣ Squeeze yoga block and internally rotate hip and. Hold this effort for ➡️ 15 seconds ⬅️ 5️⃣ Take up new range of motion and repeat cycle 🙌🏽 #movebetterlivehappier #hipmobility #Functionalrangeconditioning
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Recharge|HoCo CrossFit (@rechargexfit)

Core does NOT mean only abs. The (almost) mythical "core" is a dynamic system of strength and stability with effecient breathing. There is core beyond crunches and planks. This is a multiplane routine that will challenge your core.

Glen Carroll BAppSc (Ex&Sp Sc) (@coach__carroll)

My client @taylorspensieri with a great result dropping 9kg over 14 weeks. Taylor had a shoulder injury which significantly impacted how we trained. As such we had two primary goals: fat loss and improving shoulder function. To do so we utilised corrective exercises and Active Release Techniques (ART) treatment in conjunction with more traditional fat loss methods. Simply a classic example of using a hybrid approach and not letting restrictions impact the result...

Dr. Drew Keres (@dr.dkeres)

Couple side plank variations me and the Brodie @doctordunks have been messing around with. Great for developing shoulder blade control and shoulder joint centration 💪🏽 (when done correctly of course) Plus you get the free core and hip work #whynot 🤷🏻‍♂️ You know I’m always schemin/mastermindin for u bruddah, when u back we on 💪🏽😤 @jenkz_26

Andrew Lehn (@americanpaindoctor)

Tip of the Day: Find a few exercises you can do at work!

Most of us have jobs that require lots of sitting! If you don't get up and move throughout the day you will suffer all sorts of tightness and joint dysfunction. One of my favorites is a lateral lunge. It requires little to no warm up and just doing few reps helps loosen up the hips, knees, and ankles! It's also a great exercise for runners. When you run you are working in one plane and you can lose strength and mobility with lateral movements. Add in a few of these to your warmups!

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Taylor Kruse & Alisha Hale (@kruseelite)

Another clip from yesterday’s practice.
- - -
Take a movement that you’re solid with. Then add an accuracy challenge to it!
- - -
For my neuro peeps ... how about a little inverted cerebellar work? 🧠 You thought finger/nose/finger was tough... this... 🔥
- - -
Back to the drawing board.🤓

Gary (@dr.gary.dylan)

🔥Shoulder Burn
🕐Continuation of the previous video which had the most amount of saves I've had on any post. It probably just means a lot of you are going to be trying the exercise. (Or you really liked the music choice 😂) .
▶️Tall Plank / Push Up Position: Two factors make this exercise a lot harder than the previous two variations.
1️⃣Push up position puts emphasis on trunk and shoulder stability while going through the same movement.
2️⃣Gravity works against you here so this makes an already challenging movement even harder.
👊🏼Try the easier versions first and then give this a go. Have fun!

Jess Cheng (@jessabilitation)

😇 Whatever it takes.
Let's work together to create results and get you back to living your life pain free, strong, and mobile AF!

David Schwartz, PT, DPT, CSCS (@5toolpt)

Over the next week @coach_andrew_sacks and I will be giving you a preview of the dynamic warmup and band exercises we use to prepare players for throwing. We strongly believe that baseball players should warm up to throw...NOT throw to warmup. Throwing a baseball is one of the most stressful activities on the shoulder in all of sports, and requires strong muscle contractions throughout the body. A good warmup will focus on activating muscles from the hand and wrist, down through the core, and into the legs. .
⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ Prior to using resistance bands to warm up specific muscles, you want to make sure to complete a general total body warmup. For each of the exercises you see here, and over the coming week, try completing 1 set of 90 feet. Once you work your way up to sprints, try completing 2 sets of 90 feet for each level of intensity. .
⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️ DONT FORGET! If you are serious about staying healthy and maintaining strength through the baseball season, you won’t want to miss the information @coach_andrew_sacks and I will be presenting ‪on March 25th.‬ Follow the link in my bio to sign up. ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️
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Knee Pain Plan (@kneepainplan)

Glute imbalances exist!🍑

📝We’re just humans, were not perfect. Most of us have imbalances and we all have asymmetries. This can contribute to your knee pain!
🍒The glutes and hips are particularly susceptible to asymmetry. The key is recognizing that this affliction is not catastrophic and you’re still OK and should continue to exercise and train... just modify a few things and give your weak side some extra love.
🥦Here I have 10 lb on the ankle weight and I’m doing reverse hypers, abduction, and kick backs... 3 big glute movements. My L hip gets impingement occasionally and my L glute doesn’t always like to cooperate. No big deal, I program and modify accordingly... this is one of the things I like to do to keep it feeling good.

Eduardo C. Powell, OTR (@eddiefitot)

So grateful to officially be an ambassador @theragun today! Time to make some educational videos with this game changing & incredibly effective modality. 😉

Many thanks @theragun for all you do for so many 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.⠀


Music credit: Notorius BIG⠀
Track: Mo Money, Mo Problems

Physio Tips (@topgymphysio)

🔥Posterior Chain Activation🔥by @theperformancedoc
My glutes don’t fire...My glutes are on vacation...I don’t have glutes....I’ve HEARD it all. This drill is one of my favorite upright drills to introduce hip extension with a glute bias. Tag, Comment, & Share with someone who ALWAYS complains about not getting glute activity‼️
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#strengthcoach #strengthandconditioning #rehabscience

Gary Mitchell (@massageconceptsrf)

I've been addressing a lot of feet lately, it's amazing how much they change the rest of the body.
Regrann from @skofit - Your feet are your foundation.
Repost from @thefootcollective using @RepostRegramApp - Your feet are your foundation. Pay attention to their function and give them the respect they deserve. They’re a mega factor in athletic performance and injury prevention
#thefootcollective #barefoot #healthyfeet #train #squat #lift #athlete #education #physicaltherapy #important #feet #run #running #ottawa #movement #strongfeet #human #prehab #injuryprevention #foundation #posture - #regrann

Kip Thorstenson, DPT, CSCS (@teachbyexample)

Lying hip circles. Working on your active controlled movement through the available range is more than likely a more efficient way to warm up your hips prior to working your legs - as compared to traditional long duration static stretching. Here are the dos ✅ for supine hip circles.
✅ - Start by lying on your back. With both legs straight out -slowly raise up one leg straight into the air trying to keep the knee relatively straight (a little bend is ok). Once at your near end range of hip flexion - slowly abduct (let leg move straight to the side) your leg maintaining it up as high as you can into that hip flexion. Try to maintain a neutral spine and avoid letting your opposite knee lift up off the ground excessively (even though you can clearly see I am struggling with this part🙈). Repeat for 5-8 reps each side and see how your hips feel afterwards!
🐥 - If you have never tried active end range movements like this - you may experience some cramping in the hips (specifically TFL). I still cramp nearly every time I start performing these type of movements. Don’t be alarmed. This is your body’s way of trying to figure out how to coordinate the musculature to complete the desired task - just be sure to back off the desired range of motion a bit, and the cramping should subside. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Chris Michael (@fit_rxtraining)

Pushups with an added shoulder and core stability element.
Put one hand on a step or plate and perform a pushup like you normally would.
At the top you want to lift the off hand from the floor and think about pushing yourself away from the box.
The key to making this a core exercise is to try to avoid shifting or turning your hips, and don’t let your lower back arch. This can be much harder than it looks

Prairie Fitness + Rehab (

Book your massage appointments today with Sara Lavineway, RMT. Sara is returning to Royal Chiropractic on a part-time basis starting on April 3Rd. Welcome back Sara! We missed you!

Also, for those more stubborn, chronic conditions try radial shockwave therapy. This type of treatment is well-researched and effective for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries including:
- heel spurs
- plantar fasciitis
- tibialis anterior syndrome
- impingements
- bursitis
- tendon calcifications
- shoulder tendinitis

Call 204-857-9181 for more details or to book an appointment.

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Nick Harris (@strengthcoachnick)

Day 3/50

Injury prevention is the key to training!
Eccentric training will lead to a reduction of muscle strain injuries in the hamstring and quadriceps. If you only do concentric or normal strength training, you most likely increase your ability to accelerate more than your ability to decelerate. This means that when starting the stretch-shortening cycle during sports movements (like sprinting), you will end up being able to create more kinetic energy than you can saftey absorb... leading to muscle strains...most commonly in hamstrings and quadriceps.
Eccentric overload training can improve the ability to produce and absorb force and impulse during change of direction (COD) cutting maneuvers! @ashlynkoby18