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Me gusta Conchas!!!💞❤️🌸 At abuelas house now all I need is Mexican hot chocolate #nofilterneeded #prettypic #conchas #panaderia

Rachel Hunt Bailey (@rachel.hunt.bailey)

I just wanted to share a tiny bit of my fitness journey with you. People tell me almost on a DAILY basis that I am inspiring, motivating, and making a difference for them. I'm not saying this to brag but to peel back the curtain that is our facebook highlight reel and let you know that fitness was NOT always easy for me.
Becoming a Coach seemed like such a scary thing to me. But I knew I needed a change in my life. I was unhealthy, overweight, tired, overworked and WAY STRESSED.
I would diet down, be excited at first, and then feel deprived and miserable until I would totally binge on junk food. I couldn't escape this horrible cycle.
I **needed** an opportunity that would allow me to get back into shape, recognize my success AND pay me money for doing so (hello motivation). And so, I have built a business working PART time from my PHONE! And I've totally changed my body, health, and way of life.
And now I want to pay it forward. I will be hosting a 2 day "WHAT IS COACHING" event where I can share exactly what I do as a coach, and how I make money working on my fitness and helping others.
I get paid to INSPIRE, encourage, help, and be a healthy role model.
NO WORRIES IF: **you're not feeling your fittest right now. This is about starting a journey and helping others get started too!
**you have no idea how to get fit! (I will coach you!)
**you don't have a social media following (that comes later; and I will train you how to get started)
**The idea of becoming a "sales" person totally freaks you out! I get it, I HATE sales. Sales are icky. I lead with my heart and I teach my team to do the same. <3
ALL of your other concerns, doubts, and questions will be answered in my WHAT IS COACHING group. We start Monday! Want in? It's FREE! And not only will this be totally FREE, I am GIVING away workout DVDs (hello PIYO, P90x, or Turbo!) for awesome participation prizes!
Want to come? No obligation to join if you come; just free info and free giveaways! Just comment I'M IN. 😊 I'll add you in!

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Its the little things that make me smile #prettypic #flowers

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#Repost of the cool pic by @sincereley_m . Love the look 😍
❤️ Cute socks from @toohottohide ❤️
( Made in Italy )
Ich liebe diese neuen süßen Söckchen von " too hot to hide ". Sie peppen jedes Outfit auf 👌
Dieses Modell heißt " Sporty Vicky " und ist im unteren Teil transparent. Total witzig 👌 Es gibt auch noch viele andere süße Modelle. Mit dem Code " sincereley _m " bekommt ihr 15 % Rabatt.
Schönen Abend ihr Lieben 💗

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So happy to have shot for today! was an amazing photographer & was so stellar on my makeup that I hardly recognized myself!! ❤️❤️❤️
#prettybitches #girlsroom #prettypic #girlsdoitbetter #prettygirlsrock #cutegirl #girlsthatride #beautifulpeople #beautifulface #girlslove

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Just a pretty picture to brighten up your day! Love and hugs! ❤️ #prettypic

ElkeBerry (@elkeberry_)

Seattle, Washington. For as long as I can remember, I have been dying to check out this city. I have been 'saving' it to see for the first time with a 'special someone.' It's just how I roll. Seattle - and Florence, Italy. And Venice too actually. I have adventured the world on my own for so many years that I gotta save some special places for a special person. Hopefully Seattle isn't too far away - after all, living in LA it is NOT 'too far away' geographically at all anymore ☺️💫#laactress #adventuretime #seattle #washington #prettypic #rainycity #specialman #dreamcatcher #travel #explore #expandyourlife #universe #makeithappen #livenow #lovebig #doitall #sleeplessinseattle #aussiewood

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This powerhouse right here (not me the other one) has started a fire in Albuquerque with positive, action oriented women! Also, she's the inner dream whisperer meaning she's intuitive when it comes to putting you on your path! I love having her in my life! #prettypic #polkadotpowerhouse #abqrocksthedot @barbraportzline