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Primer comparison follow up! (Milani on your right, UD left) I would say both sides look equally good just about 8 hours later. I have definitely lost some of the glitter from my lid shade which is Kiko (I think mine just says 200?) but it’s really glittery so to me it’s unavoidable. I could probably use a shadow pencil or nyx glitter glue to get it to stay perfect all day. But there is no creasing, equal fading... I would say the milani eyelid primer is right on par with the UD and it’s only $6 at Target! #veganmakeup #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #milani #urbandecay #eyeshadowprimer #primercomparison #projectpancommunity

Alex (@beautyaddictnextdoor)

@elfcosmetics Primer Comparison

elf Mineral Infused vs Poreless Face Primer
*Swipe for swatches

0.47 fl.oz. (14mL)
Provides a smooth base for foundation
Both work great for my skin-type (normal to dry)
Nice packaging
Has a pump
5 Star Quality
I repurchased both primers multiple times
Are holy-grail products of mine

More slick, like a slip ’n slide
It is purely a gel
Looks like a gel, feels like a gel
No scent
The bottle is white
I can’t tell if this primer fills in my fine lines

More cushiony, like a pillow
Looks like a lotion, feels like a gel
It’s like if a gel primer and a lotion primer had a baby primer and the baby primer developed a greater amount of it’s traits from it’s gel primer parent..hopefully that makes sense lol
It does have a funny (not bad, just funny) smell. I’ve gotten use to it though. You only smell it when you first apply it, but once it’s blended in, I don’t smell it anymore.
The bottle is pink, which I prefer
I can’t tell if this product minimizes my pores

Both of these elf primers are fabulous! It’s hard to pick which one that I prefer. They are very much alike and their differences are not astronomical differences. The differences don’t make one product bad and the other product good; they’re just different. If I had to pick one though, I think I would pick the Mineral Infused Face Primer. I tried that one first so I feel a greater bond to it and it doesn’t have a funny smell. Plus, when I am picking a primer, I go for ones that are as “gel-like” as possible.
Which elf primer is your favorite or which elf primer do you want to try?
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Melinda Chavez (@eyeshadowislife)

Comparing my 3 most used eyeshadow primers:
1.No Primer
2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original
3. Mary Kay Eye Primer
4. Ulta Beauty Nude Matte Eyeshadow Primer
The Mary Kay Primer is my all time favorite followed by Urban Decay then Ulta Beauty.
I used L.A. Colors EP113 Waterworld Palette. Ulta’s primer is a little darker than the Urban Decay but they wear almost identically. Mary Kay last the longest, creates a bolder look and works wonders on less pigmented products.
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