Jess (@thehoppyhome)

Have a lovely Saturday Everyone ☀️
We are just off to go the place where we got our kirchen from for the office, start undercoating the living room and then the filler should be dry so I can sand and paint the stairs. My friends were in stitches yesterday when I said the words "I'm buzzing to get up and finish the stairs tomorrow" I know how to live, but don't you just love when you've for a free Saturday - surely I'm not alone there 😂
#bankholiday #saturday #bathroom

Lisa (@lmt_happy)

Yay for half term and a whole week off😀Another job was ticked off the list this week with the fitting of a couple of new windows and back door. A week of buying tiles for the bathroom awaits as #projectbathroom begins a week Monday 🛁 #itsallgo #projecthouse #cottagerenovation #moneypit

Steve Pither (@stevepither1976)

Productive day installing this beauty! Just got to rebuild bathroom now 🙈 #ProjectBathroom #DiyPlumbing #DIY

Lenna Aranda Sanchez (@lenna_thisisme)

New project requires lots of coffee, being outside, and my handy lemon oil to get this old wood looking nice and shiny to be hung up:) just add a few drops to avocado oil or light olive oil and rub onto your dusty or beat up wood and you will get that nice lemony wood scent without the harsh chemicals you would normally buy.

Janine Lee (@janineleec)

My husband says I can't buy a POS camper until I finish some other things around the house (that was my creative interpretation of his response to me wanting a $500 RV), so Deegy and I are on in-floor heating duty today. I'll have it installed and self-leveller poured by the time I leave for GP on Thursday. Next week, tiling starts. #projectbathroom #lakeviewhouse #lakeviewproject #projectlakehouse #infloorheating #bathroomrenovation #sevenmonthslater #draggingmyass #renovation #diy

Coach Heather (@fitandhappyheather)

Would you take on a project that you know little about?! 🤔🤡 Project Number 6,854,392 in the never ending list of "getting the house ready"!! 😜

Two words that do NOT describe my husband; "handyman" & "DIY'er", though he does like the DEMOLITION part!! 💥🔨😎 PROJECT: Finishing the flooring in the bathroom. 🚽👊🏻 His brother was a HUGE help in getting the project started, but got busy with his business & was finding it hard to get back over here to finish around the toilet.
ENTER - my "I can do that" attitude 🤗🤓& the completion of the project is underway!! Things I've learned so far: how to empty out a toilet & remove it!! 🙌🏻😎 Next up: ceramic tile cutter!! 😳 Thank you, dad, for the tutorial this morning!! 😍

Wish me luck!! 🍀💪🏻🤣😅