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The boy I fell in love with when I was 17 is now the man I'm lucky enough to spend forever with....WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!

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On 3rd of January, 2017, I proposed to you. I was very nervous and scared to say the least. We had dated for over 5 years and great shivers still filled my spine. It all played out better than I planned it and you said YES!!! There is always a background story. Here is mine:
The thought of getting married to you had always filled my head but I guess we guys always want to wait till we blow, buy a car or build a house. I remember those days you kept sending me your dream wedding gowns, tagging me in wedding and proposal videos 😂. I started planning my proposal a year ago, however, keeping it a secret from you proved to be a difficult task. Your aproko will not let my pepper rest 😅. Always wanting to know what I was discussing with your parents and colleagues at the bank. As a sharp babe that you are, you already knew something was going to happen and it was my duty to keep it a surprise since you were bent on knowing what was going on.
I initially planned to propose at my twin sister's wedding reception but God made the ring delivery come late. You already suspected and made for yourself the best of 👗, makeup, nails on fleek💅🏽 and hair, patiently waiting for me to pop the question that day 😜. The day went by without a proposal or ring in sight. 😩That was the first time ever I actually enjoyed watching you get disappointed. Fast forward to January 3rd, yeh it just had to be on my birthday. It took you two good weeks after the wedding to give up on any proposal or 💍. It seemed God was planning this surprise along with me. On my way to storm your banking hall with my proposal props, I kept wondering how the setup will happen with you in the bank premises. It obviously won't be a surprise anymore if you caught us setting rose petals and candles on the floor. But my God directed you out of the bank to shop for a birthday gift for me 🙏. You walked into the banking hall to a lovely surprise. It was an amazing moment for me. An experience to cherish forever. I love you so much Baby.

Next month is our traditional marriage ceremony and we are storming Anambra State in style. .
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This is the day Isabella asked me to marry her. If you believe in marriage equality, then please make sure your enrolment details are up to date so you can help everyone marry the person they love.

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