Aaron Miller (@am22766)

New Flavor - Miami Vice
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@TeaCrine – For sustained, jitter-free energy & mood elevation
KinetIQ – For enhanced stimulant-free energy, alertness & thermogenesis
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Mark Bermejo (@markbermejo_)

One of the most humble people in the game 🔥

Angela Kabat (@angk1321)

Blessed to be signing another year with this amazing company I can call family. The friendships, the leadership... the growth... I am more than grateful to be a part of one of the largest growing supplement companies not just in the US, but around the world!! #PSarmyTakeOver #psarmy #nationalsigningday #prosupps #prosuppsarmy #prosuppsathlete #cheerstoanotheryear #fitness #figure #npctexas #npcfigure #dowork @prosupps @prosupps_headliner @prosupps_apparel

Felipe Osorio🍁 (@felipeo97)

7 días post competencia, 9 kg de más.
1. Confía en ti mismo
2. No tengas miedo a fracasar
3. Rompe las reglas
4. No escuches lo que digan los demás
5. Trabaja duro
6. Da algo a cambio
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MyBar - Powered by ProSupps (@prosupps_mybar)

That texture though...
Crunchy cookie dough. Life is now complete.
📸 @mrfoodfoox
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ProSupps USA (@prosupps_headliner)

For gains this big, a 5lb tub won't do!
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Vinny Magalhaes (@vinnymma)

MYSHAKE - Can you handle it??
🍫Triple Chocolate Fudge
🍰Graham Cracker
🎂Cake Batter
Certified by @Trustedbysport
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ProSupps "Beast" (@dan_duguay_prosupps)

Spread the holiday love with a MyBar Pro!
30G of Protein | Triple Layered
🍫Peanut Butter Paradise 🍫Caramel Craze 🍫Death By Chocolate
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Tim Mazeye (@mazzeye)

Hyde NitroX is @prosupps new take on their classic preworkout, Hyde. It's a very similar product to their original with a few changes. It keeps the performance ingredients at decent doses, though a little on the lower side. Its a totally revamped Intensity Matrix that really changes. I'm not too sure if these changes are good by the label, but it for sure has not lost the classic Hyde punch.
NitroX keeps it's high stimulant, caffeine dominant style the industry has come to know. There's a huge 420mg (378mg actual) serving PER SCOOP of this, making it one of the highest in the industry. This comes mainly from anhydrous, but caffeine dimalate and citrate appear in smaller doses as well. To somewhat fight off the vasoconstriction of all this caffeine, ProSupps uses nitrosignine as a vasodilator. While I like this ingredient a lot, I'm not sure it's got the full power to counter act the caffeien. NitroX adds in an intensity matrix that is different from the previous make.
The new intensity blend adds in choline bitartrate, theanine, NALT, theacrine, GABA, yohimbine. This is a VERY different profile than the previous intensity matrix. The choline bitartrate is only at 500mg which is on the lower sides of things and the theacrine at 25mg may be more anoxilitic than stimulatory. However, seeing theanine and GABA may actually mean this is intentional. This matrix may stabilize you and prevent the over the top stimulation and headache a mega dose of caffeine, like this has, may have. Than again there's 3mg of yohimbe, which historically hits me extremely hard.
Regardless of the case, this preworkout does still pack the hard hits of its predecessors. It stims me out and makes me sweat buckets. The energy is a bit unwieldy, and I have to fight a massive amount of vasoconstriction for a pump. The only thing I noticed different is that it lacked the typical Hyde crash. I was leveled off after the workout without feeling like death. I'm not sure how highly I'd recommend this based off of my personal preference, but anyone who is loyal to Hyde will not be disappointed.

Ali Savoie (@fitalifitness)

Signing my ProSupps contract. I’m so blessed and thankful to be a part of this team. @prosupps @prosupps_canada @prosupps_headliner

Paige LaGrene (@misspaigenicole96)

Had an amazing workout at @metroflex with @ifbbpro_tonylagrene !!! Now we are here demoing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the mybar and mycookie, come out and see us! 💋 #fitwomen #fitgirls #fitness #fitfam #prosuppsmybar #prosupps #bootyfordays #50repsclothing #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkleggings